Ted lasso

2022.01.18 15:39 splatgoon Ted lasso

I thought today oh go on then I try it…. 2nd season tomorrow I guess
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2022.01.18 15:39 Lounge_Knight A Dream of Allansia - home made RPG using RPG Maker AVAILABLE NOW

Hi everyone! A friend of mine has developed and released an RPG inspired by classic SNES RPGs such as Chrono Trigger and Terranigma. If you love those games, you'll love this one as well. It's called A Dream of Allansia. My friend has worked on the game for over a year and is a labour of love and a homage to all those games we played and love on the SNES.
What you get is a free 20 hour plus SNES inspired RPG for free, featuring a diverse cast of characters, tons of exploration, plus loads of objects, items and weapons to collect. You'll also come across fearsome bosses and challenges to overcome. For the massive price tag of £0, you get a lot of bang for your buck. If you would like to know more, please click on the following link: https://www.facebook.com/682761422/posts/10158158375026423/
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2022.01.18 15:39 Ratorres23 Are the servers down?

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2022.01.18 15:39 Volcanity REACTING TO MY PRIVATED VIDEOS #4

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2022.01.18 15:39 Few-Solution3050 4k batteries (cca. 150 shards) and no Ryan?

Like…am I getting close or should I just quit trying. My wallet is kinda crying at this point
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2022.01.18 15:39 tarponpet My Minecraft Modded Survival (Custom Modpack

I call the modpack "Let's Hope this Works". Fair warning my mic sucks in the first episode. I've also started adding small story elements.
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2022.01.18 15:39 Reddajb GET RID of the Radar Ping!

Hello, I love this game. It is what my younger self dreamed VR could be one day. However, the radar ping/sweep that happens every so often REALLY needs to go. For sure in Hardcore mode, and for me, I'd say in normal mode too. If there still has to be a radar ping/sweep it should be way less often, and it should announce that its going to happen with a timer countdown (if it exists at all). There is nothing more annoying than finally getting over to the other side's base in assault only for the enemy team to know exactly where you are because I'm outlined in red for all to see. Really bad game design. If anything make it a kill streak perk or something that is rare to get. It's way too overpowered and ruins the fun of sneaking around. The maps aren't that big so a camper shouldn't be that much of a problem. Just my 2 cents, otherwise, I love everything about the game...just would love more maps, and maybe even a small scale BR mode.
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2022.01.18 15:39 Optimal_Ad_270 Madden Lg recruitment

Starting a fresh lg soon. we’re filling up the servers if you would like to join Dm. Xbox series x/s comp discord app is needed
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2022.01.18 15:39 ryanmercer FMCSA New Entrant Audits

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2022.01.18 15:39 Embarrassed-Spring54 Being a “player” doesn’t mean ur bad

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2022.01.18 15:39 Fizz__ Best sign you guys have ever stolen?

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2022.01.18 15:39 theMikethe We put the party hat on Lola, but she wanted to wear it like a sash. 👸

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2022.01.18 15:39 lasagneking007 Senegal progress as group winners! | Malawi 0-0 Senegal | AFCON Highlights

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2022.01.18 15:39 Semi-Realistic-Bus Searching For Toy Instructions

I found what I think is an old kinder egg toy (it was in a tub of other kinder toys) but I can't find the instructions for it anywhere does anyone recognize it?
I tried looking for other 3D puzzles online to see if there was anything similar but because the pieces that stick out are off-center they don't match anything I've found

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2022.01.18 15:39 SonicPixels Can anyone find the fourth Outro song for One Piece on Apple Music? I have been looking everywhere for it but just can’t find it.

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2022.01.18 15:39 subzeromnx Playing GEISHA Roblox Chapter 1

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2022.01.18 15:39 score03 Knicks trade target Myles Turner's value takes a hit after serious foot injury

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2022.01.18 15:39 ninjaduck787 Official Revival

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2022.01.18 15:39 cokincr a32 4g otg

can anyone confirm to me if a32 4g supports otg? to connect usb flash drive
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2022.01.18 15:39 AzCu29 A gay themed adult toy store called Adam & Steve

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2022.01.18 15:39 autoselect37 It's always dawn somewhere in the world and GME shareholders are everywhere

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2022.01.18 15:39 Pasquale_Palmieri Covid: a che punto siamo?

Oggi, 18 gennaio 2022, contiamo in Italia 434 morti con il Covid.
Il 18 gennaio del 2021, esattamente un anno fa, erano 377.
Questo vuol dire che i vaccini non funzionano? No, semmai il contrario. I vaccini funzionano benissimo e impediscono alla stragrande maggioranza dei contagiati di sviluppare sintomi significativi e finire in ospedale.
Il problema è che oggi abbiamo un numero di infettati superiore di 5 volte rispetto al 2021. E un tasso di positività triplicato. In definitiva, se non ci fossero stati i vaccini, saremmo di fronte a un disastro epocale. Avremmo forse 2000 o 3000 morti al giorno, con i malati ammassati chissà dove. Per fortuna i vaccini ci sono, ma stiamo pagando comunque un prezzo altissimo, superiore a ogni ragionevole previsione.
Abbiamo anche una situazione sociale che si è pesantemente aggravata, a causa della precarietà del lavoro, dei licenziamenti, della concentrazione oscena della ricchezza nelle mani di poche persone, e dell'aumento vertiginoso dei prezzi dei beni primari.
Nel frattempo i membri del nostro governo e i partiti organizzano i loro spettacoli acrobatici per capire chi sarà il prossimo Presidente della Repubblica, festeggiati da giornali e televisioni, che indugiano nel racconto di gustosi retroscenismi.
Un giorno forse riusciremo a recuperare un minimo di lucidità per capire davvero cosa ci è accaduto negli ultimi due anni e cosa continua ad accadere in questi giorni.
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2022.01.18 15:39 Swearkk Seu fia da mãe!!!!!

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2022.01.18 15:39 ShortAlgo $PHAS Look at this! Profit Factor of 7 and trade profitability of 90.91%. 11 trades executed and buy signal in place. 15 minute chart

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