Seen at a hotel

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2022.01.18 15:32 valree-foxx Seen at a hotel

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2022.01.18 15:32 SILV3RAWAK3NING76 BREAKING !!! First Majestic & Endeavor Silver to withhold #silver from the market, waiting for higher prices. Thank you Keith Neumeyer 💥🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

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2022.01.18 15:32 whentoforgive “Once a homophobe, always a homophobe” is…

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2022.01.18 15:32 CapTechnical3594 Free $10 of bitcoin

Step 1 Folloq my link sign up and verify Step 2. Your BTC will be available on the "dashboard" You will then be able to refer people yourself to stack more BTC to sell.
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2022.01.18 15:32 QuickMedia17 [H] [W] PayPal / BTC-LTC-ETH

Contact: Telegram / Discord Channel / DM

Product Time Price
Envato 1 Month 7 $
Ahrefs 1 Month 10 $
Github Student Pack 1 Year 20 $
Rank Math Pro 1 Year 15$
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Elementor Pro 1 Year 15$
Canva Pro Lifetime 3 $
Duolingo Lifetime 5 $
Edu Mail Lifetime 5 $
Windows 10 Home/Pro Lifetime 7-8 $
Windows 11 Pro Lifetime 12 $
** If you need something that is not on the above list, please let me know and I might have them for you!
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2022.01.18 15:32 ac_fromstw *Chris Hansen And his Dog intensifies*

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2022.01.18 15:32 Nitrosaber Twitter update. Please implement this week.

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2022.01.18 15:32 sploush $50 free cash from M1 Finance! $100 deposit required. [USA only]

Get $50 free cash from M1 Finance! Just fund your account with $100 min.
You’ll receive your $50 bonus within 7-14 days. Maintain your initial deposit for 30 days before you withdraw. Limited time offer ends March 31st, 2022!
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2022.01.18 15:32 Shakirov01 Here are the 11 ways Cardano is planning to scale in 2022 | Finbold

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2022.01.18 15:32 Dinero4life What is the BEST support polemon atm?

Im new and Im already tired of soloques where nobody wants to play support or tanks. I couldnt find any recent info and the meta change alot with the every update. So my questions is wich pokemon is the best supporter atm? I want to be helpfull and stil be able to do some decnt damage and survive some battles. Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.18 15:32 donikhatru I wanted to show off my Stick, newly modded to have the Queen of Roses herself staring up at me!

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2022.01.18 15:32 jinnmagick General question

I just started to collect some NES games. I was wondering if you guys make your own acrylic case or do you buy them. If you could help a fellow collector please let me know. Send me a link where you buy them. Thanks that would be awesome of you.
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2022.01.18 15:32 Sunlighthell Noctua NH-U12A + 5900x high temperature during gaming only

Case is corsair 275r non airflow, fans: 2 front noctua nf 14 exaust 1 top 1 back nf12, thermal paste nt-h2, ambient 24 degrees C
CPU reaching 80-90 degrees (more like 77-82, 90 degrees not permanent but spiking like always during loading or similar load) during gaming only, at stock cpu settings, even with removed front solid panel of case and fans running at 100% rpm, RTX 3080 GPU chilling barely reaching 70 degrees. Benchmarks like cinebench r23 I'm getting 69 degrees C or close to 75 if I enable PBO and CO so pretty normal. Idle on desktop 39-41 degrees. My concern is gaming. I want to get airflow case like Meshify 2 or 5000/7000d but as I said when I remove solid front panel I barely lose 3 degrees so I doubt it will help. Screenshot of hwinfo captured during BF2042 match. I'm pretty familiar with how ryzen cpus are operate but these temperatures during gaming is killing me, it should not be as high with u12a. Is there really no options but to go with liquid cooling?
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2022.01.18 15:32 Ale713 Coming back from injury.

So as the title states I was cleared yesterday by my doctor after fracturing my 4th metatarsal. It was a small tear so I stopped running for 4 weeks.
The doctor didn’t give me any specific suggestions with the exception of “start slow” (lol). Anyone else have a similar injury and have tips from their experience that helped them get back up and running and minimizing any setbacks. Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.18 15:32 bunny9mm Going on a first date with someone who lost their fiance: Tips?

As title says, I'm (23m) about to go out on a first date with someone (23f) who lost their high school through college boyfriend/fiance a year ago. She told me about it when we first met offhand, and I've remained respectful about the issue over text and social media. She still posts obituary posts every once in a while on insta. Is there anything I should be wary about or be respectful of? I'm guessing I don't bring up the topic, and if she brings it up, besides "i'm sorry for your loss", how should I reply?
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2022.01.18 15:32 fistoffreedom Circa Arcana THE TOWER (lyric/music video)

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2022.01.18 15:32 TraditionLogical1378 Anyone wants to jerk off with me in Vc? Dm me

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2022.01.18 15:32 portable-solar-power Creating some practice resources for myself to keep the handwriting on track and consistent when writing really fast like for taking notes or writing exams. More things to add in it really have the perfect practice. Is this something you would be interested in?

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2022.01.18 15:32 Kazuto_Kirigaya_RD Han Goddess of Sexy

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2022.01.18 15:32 old_J_Roger Тайна гибели «Морро Касл»: загадочный пожар на «пьяном рейсе» на Кубу, жертвами которого стали 134 человека. "...Трагедию приписывали и ФБР, и коммунистам, а вероятного поджигателя долгое время считали спасителем выживших." [История]

Тайна гибели «Морро Касл»: загадочный пожар на «пьяном рейсе» на Кубу, жертвами которого стали 134 человека. submitted by old_J_Roger to hampan [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 15:32 ishmeet1995 I live with my family but still crave for someone.

I was in a happy relationship 3 years ago when she decided to leave and after 8 months she got married. To cope with this I decided to burry my self in work and that works mostly, but every night from past 3 years I have not been sleeping like I used to.
Call it circumstances but I think about her daily. It was not perfect, not by a long shot, marriage would jave been a disaster, but still it was mine....
I never wrote about this, but anyways
I am hopeful, one day, soon, maybe someone.
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2022.01.18 15:32 ifrickedacar oh no no no no no no

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2022.01.18 15:32 bottomboi808 #bogota me encanta ser puño

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2022.01.18 15:32 LeeCloud27 Touhou: COYA (Part 42)

You decide to give her CPR treatment
You look at the girl once again, swallowing a breath of air to prepare yourself for what you're about to do.
You slowly reach down, keeping the girl's head still as you pinch her nose gently.
Her lips part slightly as you lean down and-
We interrupt this program to bring you a very special broadcast brought to you by none other than Yukari Yakumo
A camera turns on, pointing to a familiar person.
"Greetings! And welcome to the first (and hopefully last) ever airing of Gensokyo's number one gameshow!!!" Yukari shouts as a spotlight beams on her.
The camera suddenly points to a bunch of people in the audience shouting, "ARE YOU BETTER THAN CHEN!?" Following with an applause.
"That is right!" Yukari said. "We will be playing 'Are you better than Chen', a game where we prove whether or not our contestants are indeed, better than Chen. I'll be letting our co-host, Ran Yakumo take over now."
The camera immediately transitions to a different person. This one seems to be quite tall and has multiple tails behind them, along with a pair of ears on their head being covered by a hat.
"Thank you Master. We have 3 contestants here that will be trying to prove whether or not they are better than Chen. Our first contestant is none other than Koakuma from the Scarlet Devil Mansion." Ran said.
The crowd applauses as the camera points to a girl with red hair and sporting a pair of bat-like wings on their back and head.
"How did I get here?" Koakuma asked.
"Our second guest is all the way down from Former Hell, give it up for Koishi Komeiji." Ran said.
The crowd applauses once again as the camera points to a girl with green hair, a hat, and a closed third eye.
"Hello! Knife to meet you all!" Koishi said, holding a knife for no reason at all.
"...And for our third guest... You know her, you love her, she is the best being of all in the history of cats... CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
The crowd goes into an uproar of cheering and clapping as confetti falls down and a choir starts singing a magnificent tune as the camera points to a girl with dark hair, 2 tails, and a cat ears on their head.
"Hello." Chen waved. "Ran promised me tuna if I agreed to do this with her."
"Thank you all for coming everyone... Now then, we shall get to our first question. This will be worth 100 points to whoever can guess correctly."
A giant screen pops up in front of the 3 contestants. And a question pops up.
Who is the best person in all of Gensokyo (in Ran's Opinion)?
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2022.01.18 15:32 Tomadonna PC app won’t load,

After PC launch, my app worked for a while then it stopped.
When I load Once the app opens I just get a large red box instead of the splash screen then after a few seconds I get a large blue box once the game should have loaded.
Has anyone had this issue or know how to fix it. I have had multiple tickets with scoply but they have been unable to fix it .
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