Data search engine

2021.12.02 07:15 upgini Data search engine

Hi there,
In my work as a DS, I constantly have to solve the problems of increasing the quality of models and achieving the best result. The most obvious way for me to increase quality is to add new, meaningful data. How do you search for data for your ML tasks?
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2021.12.02 07:15 starrstreams 🔴 LIVE - STAR CITIZEN - ROC Mining Chill Stream - DISCORD:

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2021.12.02 07:15 Profitsheets Mahindra Logistics soars 9% on warehouse facility deal with LOGOS

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2021.12.02 07:15 Thatmm2Guy Fun facts with squidward part 1 :

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2021.12.02 07:15 SonYYYYYYYYYYYY She loves bamboo and I love karma💕💕💕
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2021.12.02 07:15 Skayde5 F'N Legend

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2021.12.02 07:15 ceesaart Russia has no veto and no spheres of influence on Ukraine’s decision to join NATO – Stoltenberg

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2021.12.02 07:15 immapizza My (21f) boyfriend (22m) lacks any respect for my sleep schedule and it's really pushing me to my breaking point.

We've been together for almost five years and living together for a little over one year. Even before living together, he was very disrespectful of my sleep schedule. He would criticize me for sleeping during the day, get upset if I was still sleeping when he would come over after work, and called me lazy for sleeping while he's working hard.
Since moving in together it's only gotten worse. I'm unemployed due to mental and physical health issues, so he's the one working. I can't sleep at night, or any time before 3am, because of a sleep disorder that essentially makes my body naturally awake during the night and tired during the day. I typically use the time he's at work to get sleep, waking up an hour or so before he gets home so I can do some chores before he gets home. However, sometimes I'm so tired that I continue sleeping until he gets home, or I sleep so long I can't finish cleaning before he gets home (or even start cleaning sometimes..).
These instances have caused many arguments between us. He thinks and says I'm lazy for sleeping during the day rather than at night. I've tried to explain to him that it's just how my body works, that I can't control it (because I really can't. At least not yet.), and that I need sleep too even if it's during the day. He has no respect for my sleep schedule. No matter what I do or say, he doesn't budge on his viewpoint that I'm just lazy and not actually struggling to function the way I'm expected to.
I dread waking up because I know I'll be exhausted and not want to or be able to get everything done, and because I know he'll be upset if he sees me still in bed or if I don't clean. I walk on eggshells. It's even worse on his days off, since he wakes up before me. On his off days he'll play video games, which entails sitting right beside me as I sleep, and get upset if I ask him to turn the volume down so I can sleep. Same goes for if he's watching YouTube videos or if he has the light on. Even asking nicely to accommodate me is risky because I expect him to get angry at me for trying to sleep during the day, or to be called lazy.
He'll tell me to get up multiple times, and tends to get louder each time, until I literally cannot go back to sleep. I'm perpetually sleep deprived. I get so anxious when trying to sleep during the day that it keeps me from sleeping, making me more tired and more anxious. I don't know what to do. I want him to see that I'm not lazy, that I really can't help how I sleep, and for him to start respecting my sleep schedule. I want to be able to sleep when my body needs me to, without fearing repercussions. I don't know how much longer I can take this. I don't know if this constitutes as abuse but it feels like it is. I don't know if it is, so I don't want to call it that, but.. Is it? Is this abuse?
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2021.12.02 07:15 Wilrob96 ACTIVstudio V1 - Any idea how to obtain a copy of Promethean ACTIVstudio V1. I have been trying to find the software for nearly a decade with no luck. Brings back memories of school

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2021.12.02 07:15 erer1243 Currently, it's December 2, 2021 at 05:15AM

Currently, it's December 2, 2021 at 05:15AM
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2021.12.02 07:14 WheelyBeats [FREE] Freestyle Type Beat | Hats Off | Free Type Beat 2021 l Rap Trap Instrumental

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2021.12.02 07:14 Texxx78 I don't know... I feel it's a bit too much drama for me...

Around 24h after having added ACR, i think it's great on what it is but it might not be for me... i like some of the unexpected moments, like two friends that suddenly fall in love. It took my breath away when it happened yesterday in my game... But i don't like to have everyone doing romantic interactions all the time... both in community lots and at home my sims are always being romantic. It's too much for me. I know i can tweak the mod a bit, but i think i liked more without it... i like sims 2 for a lot of reasons, for how it's funny, how it has mistery's to be solved... i find funny the way the sims have personality and can.become a bit dramatic on their reactions... i don't want a game centered so much in the romantic part.... So, can i just take the mod out? I read somewhere that i shouldn't while Pleasant Sims says this v2 can be taken just like that. Has anyone tried?
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2021.12.02 07:14 maouasophiek0 He makes a good point

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2021.12.02 07:14 Call_me-Harley I just finished The Song of Achilles and I am DESTROYED

Everyone was talking, raving about this book, that's why it took me so long to pick it up. I am usually weary of hypes, as I was mostly disappointed. I have studied the Iliad as part of my philosophy class on War during university, but honestly it was in French so I did not really understand it much, and since I have never been into Greek mythology that much, I did not look to. Needless to say, I have embarked on this journey unaware of what I was getting myself into.
I stayed up last night until 4 am finishing the book, barely holding my sobs so to not wake the whole house. I can't imagine ever reading something else. How can anything top this? I do not want to giveaway any spoilers, all I'm gonna say is this story was so beautiful, the people were beautiful, the writing was beautiful, amidst all the cruelties and ugliness of the war there was so much beauty in love, in friendship, in sacrifice, in kindness, in honor. The characters were so real, and I have would never imagined falling in love with Patroclus so much from what I've read about him in the first few chapters, but he is a living embodiment of character development, of loving someone not because they are perfect, but because you've seen their naked flaws...
It's 11am, I'm at work and I haven't slept yet. I feel in a daze, in a high, I burst into tears every 2 minutes. I am writing this review instead of working to tell you, if you haven't picked up The Song Of Achilles yet, you should. You might be picking up your next favorite book of all times.
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2021.12.02 07:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 07:14 JoSoter_21 How did the word plague go from another for epidemics and pandemics to specific type of disease?

Today plague just means a type of disease but in the past its just another word to describe mass spread of illness when did this shift if meaning start?
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2021.12.02 07:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 07:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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2021.12.02 07:14 Unacceptablehoney Am I missing something? I can’t see my full Spotify wrapped stats.

Everyone else has these fancy stats with their most played songs and artists and an aura? I can only see two playlists ‘your top songs 2021’ and ‘your artists revealed’ and neither of them include statistics. I just want to know what my 2021 aura is…
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2021.12.02 07:14 PDHMusic1 Darting Swallows | P.D.H. | Optimus Chill 4

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2021.12.02 07:14 AllDoorsConnect Rewriting Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Improving the story through a little bit of editing - Part 1

Rewriting Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Improving the story through a little bit of editing - Part 1
The full post is on my personal blog here, complete with the pictures and formatting and links:
But you can read the text-only below if you like.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s story has been fairly heavily criticised. The Guardian says the plot collapses under any scrutiny, and Polygon asks where Lara’s personality went. The review that resonated the most for me was one by the author and gamer A. E. Dooland, whose books I am a fan of. In their review they note that the entire storyline needed an edit as “it did not build tension in a linear and predictable fashion (which a game should do), and instead had all these tiny crises that came out of nowhere and had no bearing on the plot,” among other things.
This mirrors much of my own thoughts. After a thrilling opening and set-up with Lara setting of the apocalypse, Shadow of the Tomb Raider meanders around, seemingly forgetting it’s core hook for most of the game, until it suddenly got back into gear at the end. I really loved the potential in Shadow’s story, and certain plot points worked so, so well, but altogether it was just a bit messy.
But can an edit really fix the story? Well since I’ve already run-down the plot points of Tomb Raider 2013 and complained about Rise of the Tomb Raider, I thought I’d give it a try, and rewrite Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

No Deaths, No Resurrections, Just Edits
Back when the world wasn’t falling apart at the seams and a disappointing season finale was the worst thing we had to worry about, one of my favourite YouTubers – HelloFutureMe – created a video rewriting the battle of Winterfell. Without changing any of the core plot points; who died and who lived the whole feel of the episode changed. I will try to do the same, and edit for theme and message, and not to keep my favourite characters alive (my apologies to one really badass Paititian), or to change the entire plot of the game (sorry Sam, you stay relegated to the comics and fan fiction for now). Rules:
No killing anyone who doesn’t die anyway
No bringing any new characters into the game
We still have to follow the main plot points (see the note at the end)
It’s with these rules that I am approaching Shadow of The Tomb Raider.

What are the key themes?
Within the game, I felt several key themes:
Obsession: Lara nearly got blown up by explosives and then started the apocalypse, all within the first 30 minutes of the game. Rourke and Dominguez both hammer in that this is all Lara’s fault, so obsession is the core theme that Lara’s character arc will revolve around.
Trauma and healing: Jonah says “everything I love is right here” when asked if he would change the world, and Lara hears these words at the end when considering using the power of the box to bring her parents back. Lara has to accept the world as it is.
Working together, not alone: The cool, calm, beautiful and all-around badass Queen Unuratu mentions several times that “we forge destiny together.” The world isn’t perfect, but we don’t go off alone like Dominguez to fix it, so teamwork is a big part of it.
These themes are what we will focus on and bring to the fore. Vice notes that the game fails to tackle it’s own colonialism, and I agree, but to fix that would mean significantly changing the story more than the rules allow.

If you are noticing that I haven’t mentioned Lara’s father and mother at all, well…that’s correct. I believe that all of that was adequately dealt with in the last game and so we will be making some changes there.

Who are we working with?
Our core cast of characters and their traits are:
Lara Croft: An obsessive, somewhat traumatised woman who feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders. Her core arc is one of maturation – understanding she isn’t responsible for everything and that she needs to accept things as they are. She also really needs to address her obsession to fight Trinity.
Amaru/Dominguez: A ruthless Trinity member to whom the ends justify the means. He has seen the outside world and wants Paititi to be safe from its encroachment. He expresses admiration to Lara’s work, and to Unuratu’s determination, and to his brother Sayri, but ultimately will stop at nothing to see the ritual through.
Jonah Maiava: Lara’s best friend and a capable man in his own right, Jonah provides some well-needed grounding in this game. He calls Lara out on her obsession, he gets pissy with her on several occasions and he is the one that makes her understand that things are ok, actually.
Rourke: This guy is just an asshole. He loves taunting Lara, going right for her personality flaws and has no problems shooting people. The game does him dirty (i.e. stupid) in the end, but it will still be his own hubris that brings him down. His part will be larger and his competence as a military strategist will be highlighted and he will still be the one to attack Lara’s mental state.
Queen Unuratu: Saving the best for last, this woman is perfection. Cool and calm under pressure, she is physically capable and battle-hardened. She immediately interrogates Lara with some pretty good points, and still has time for motherly love towards Etzli. And on top of that, she has an adventurous spirit!

I’ll also note here the crimson fire, but sadly this intriguing character is left mostly as an enigma.

No Easy Task to Bring it all Together
This game’s story is vast and sprawling. It covers multiple countries, cultures, antagonists and character growth. Tying together the apocalypse, Lara’s maturation arc and character growth, and the Trinity storyline, the discovery of Paititi, the weird cult of Andreas Lopez and the Yaaxil is tricky. Doing it in a satisfying and logical way even more so. On top of that, it has to call back to the last two games and tie everything up. Our main changes will be:
Cutting back the jungle section
Bringing the cataclysms to the forefront
Altering Dominguez’ role within Trinity
Cutting out Lara’s father issues (they were resolved in Rise)
Re-ordering several of the plot points
While the game is hardly what I would call ‘bad,’ I think we can improve it. In Part 2 (coming soon) I cover all of the changes, from beginning to end.
Note: If you need a refresher on the story, or want to see exactly what I was thinking at each point in the game you can download my plot points and notes below. Heads up that I used a lot of bad language.
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2021.12.02 07:14 aaa27070 [Round 103927] [Cryptic Coordinates #6] Coordinates of the circled greenery within 25m and the solutions to the three cryptics please!

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2021.12.02 07:14 ToddJustWorks Praise Todd Howard

Praise The Legendary Game Developer Todd Howard
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