Getting Sidetracked By Old Wooden Floor On Cactus Juice

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2021.12.02 07:42 StingrayZ Getting Sidetracked By Old Wooden Floor On Cactus Juice

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2021.12.02 07:42 AdRepresentative3726 My Mom Whos At Another Country Has Been Playing Since 2018.I got her to playing the game

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2021.12.02 07:42 CardanoCreepz Space Babez ☻ cnft project mentioned by old Hosky himself!

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2021.12.02 07:42 CrittyThought Forza X BTS

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2021.12.02 07:42 JedahVoulThur What do you think about Christmas themed movies and series?

Yesterday I was watching the latest MCU series: Hawkeye and I started thinking about the Christmas theme in some movies and series. I think it's mostly a US thing and people from other regions don't really care that much, or even think it is kind of cringy or cheap (because these kind of stories are full of tired tropes), do you see them that way or actually love Christmas themed movies/series? Do you think it is generally a US or a global trope?
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2021.12.02 07:42 DifficultRevenue9 I want to make a big telescopic drill connected to my containers

I want to add a drill to my main ship using pistons to expand out of my ship but I can't imagine the pipes connecting to my containers can stretch, so I imagine it has to be with hinges, but how do I connect them without it flopping over?
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2021.12.02 07:42 rinoceronteriot ummm

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2021.12.02 07:42 Deep_Hat4678 Looking for feedback on this draft for a student group

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2021.12.02 07:42 rituj_b Sudden rib pain while holding anything heavy or rowing

So over the past 1 year I have started having this weird phenomenon where whenever I am doing deadlifts(holding at the top for 2 secs) or rowing or shoulder shrugs sometimes I would feel something give under my scapula (either right or left, never on both sides) and excruciating pain would follow after which it gets extremely painful(sharp pain, nerve type) to breath deep and move my neck or spine much. It feels like the pain is always in between 2 ribs and below the scapula.
The extremeness subsides in the next 1-2 hour but for the next 3 4 days that area is tender and the pain with those movements is still there.
The first time it happened when I was bending forward and down to look for something on the ground and I couldn't turn sideways or even breath properly, or move my ribcage in anyway.
I believe that I maintain good form on all exercises
Apart from knowing what this might be, why has it started getting more and more frequent, maybe I am missing some nutrient/vitamin?
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2021.12.02 07:42 Toad_Emperor Would it be possible to create a liquid beam splitter?

I'm not finding anything online, so anything is appreciated.
My line of thinking would be to use instead of the 2 glass interfaces, a 2 liquids and the thin layer between them (maybe solid or liquid), but I have no clue if this would be possible.
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2021.12.02 07:42 egor Flight destinations from active airports in Belarus (there are more airports, but they mostly serve occasional tourist charter flights).

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2021.12.02 07:42 ShotRecommendation50 Pre-launch giveaway ALERT! Details in the comments!

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2021.12.02 07:42 Cirullliue An open letter to DICE, EA, and other devs: I am 19, and addicted to gambling

TL:DR I DO NOT BLAME ANY OF MY CHOICES ON ANY COMPANY THAT HAVE MICRO TRANSACTIONS. My choices are my own, and so is my addiction. I just wish some one had told me of the dangers before I started. Now summary of my story. I am 19. I am payed $15/hour. I started spending on in app purchases, moved to real video games, started on CS:GO skins, then into the gambling scene there. Spent around 10k, that I can prove, in the last two years. Please help micro transactions to be known as a far more dangerous type of purchase than a pack of gum. At my worst I was working two jobs and considering dropping out of high school. Please consider how unregulated micro transactions can effect the youth of the world.
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2021.12.02 07:42 spicedpumpkins Dale Hawkins - Susie Q (May 1957)

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2021.12.02 07:42 He-I-Se-Nb-Rg UTX-85 vs Combat Troodon

Does the utx have more blade play than the CT? My CT has almost no blade play but my utx has a fair amount. Does the utx have more play overall or am I just lucky that my CT has virtually no blade play?
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2021.12.02 07:42 ogsmokess iPhone SE Plus

so i have an iphone 8 plus laying around that i don't use that much, and i've noticed that IOS 15 has slowed it down quite a bit. does anyone familiar with the hardware know if its possible to swap the A11 chip out for an A13?
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2021.12.02 07:42 No_Firefighter_3581 Am i at fault?

my friend had invited me for a party and my family decided to drop me at her house after visiting my mom's grave which is in the same neighbourhood.I was supposed to be picked up at 5pm , my sister called me at 430pm telling me that she is on her way but we will be going to another party that my niece had been invited to. I told her that we had just started on lunch and that she can come pick me up when she is done , she then told me that she didn't know when she would be done. I then offered to wait for her at my other friend's house and we both agreed it was ok. After a while i realized that we hadn't discussed what either one of us would say to our dad if he called so i sent her multiple call me backs but she never did. My friend's sister came to pick us up and asked me if it was alright if she took me to my sister cause the roads to their house are bad , i said i was fine with anything so we stopped and tried to call her phone and her boyfriend's phone multiple time but neither one of them picked up so we drove off to my friend's house. My friend's younger sister had to stop to buy something so we went with her into the shop and i had left my phone behind. When we returned my dad had called and my friend's older sister who was in the car had answered him and told him were i was and that i wasn't with my sister. I felt more scared for my sister than i did for myself i knew he might shout at her and call her irresponsible . My dad called me right when i reached my friend's house and asked me where i was and within 25 minutes he had come to pick me up. When i got in the car i told him that it was all my fault and he seemed to be more relieved that i was in the car rather than upset that i was not with my sister. I asked to cal my sister with his phone since mine had no airtime and he told me that she is disconnecting his calls. When i got home she called an asked where i was and then freaked out on me when o told her i was home and told me i was a bad person and she hung up without hearing my side of the story . A day passed without us talking to each other and when the next day came she confronted me by asking why i called up my dad , i told her that i didn't and told her what had happened. She had this look of disapproval on her face and i asked her what she thought of me , she told me that she thought i was being immature and i ran to daddy like always and that everything i do always gets her and my brother in trouble. I run to her when i have a problem, i rarely tell my dad my problems and my dad didn't even shout at her for what happened because i took the blame. Its always been like this with her she makes me feel like i'm the reason why my dad is always shouting at her and that i am an attention seeker but i always defend her against my dad. I am an overachiever and yes my dad does compare them to me a lot , it does not make it any easier on my side because then both my sister and brother start treating me like i am the bad guy . Anyway my sister never apologizes for anything so when i told her she hurt me she did what she always does , she tried turning it on me saying i betrayed her because i didn't communicate yet i tried to and she didn't respond so i got fed up and basically told her that i don't want anything to do with her so i am wondering if the problem is me.
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2021.12.02 07:42 -jeep- [US-NV][H]Paypal [W]Kailh Polia Stems

looking for around 110 of these but lmk:)
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2021.12.02 07:42 Single-Box-890 Best CSGO rip off of all time

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2021.12.02 07:42 inside_eren_TR The largest $FIDA buy & burn by quantity happened in November 2021. It's important to highlight that the bid currency switch (from $USDC to $FIDA) has greatly affected the number!

The largest $FIDA buy & burn by quantity happened in November 2021. It's important to highlight that the bid currency switch (from $USDC to $FIDA) has greatly affected the number! submitted by inside_eren_TR to solana [link] [comments]

2021.12.02 07:42 Bill_Hsomething Florida Backyard Birding: Wood Stork

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2021.12.02 07:42 tigertimvr Amazing Roundy Update for Wardust Vr

Raptor Lab Official Discord #📢-test-annoucement
— Today at 11:08 AM
ver. Zero Zero Seven

- upgraded whole game engine to newer version of Unity (This is massive step)
- added modding support for new version

Last couple of weeks I couldn't figure out why my core gameplay optimizations don't work as expected, wasted so many hours on debugging. That's why I decided to upgrade game engine. And that was it ! All of my performance improvements started to work as they should.
I think old engine had issues with dynamic batching and gpu instancing.
During my tests on Dubai, I could get 144 fps with 150% super sampling.
Main thing is that on CPU side performance should be smooth as butter now (you shouldn't see many spikes on intensive moments etc.)

Most of the issues reported previously were ignored at this stage. I fixed few, like class selection, I think weird tank behavior etc. but this update was not about fixing these little things.

Main goal now is to check general stability of new engine , please ignore any visual issues, little bugs previously reported etc.
For modders :

Now you can try your mods in new Unity
Follow these steps to migrate your mods to new engine (one of the ways) :
[11:08 AM]
- download Unity 2019.4.33f1
- create new folder for your 2019 mod
- copy only Asset folder from your 2018 mod folder to the new one
- go to Asset folder and remove modtool folder
- open unity hub and open project from your new folder (the one with only Asset folder inside and without modtool)
- wait a while for Unity to import everything and recreate libraries etc.
- once you are in, you will notice some script errors (if you used any modding scripts)
- import provided new updated modtool package (it's located in WAR DUST folder on your hdd and it's called : "WarDust Mod Tools.unitypackage", also I'm attaching it below)
- optionally go to package manager and update your Visual Studio editor from there
- if you baked occlusion culling, you will need to rebake it
- export mod as usually you do to LocalMod folder

You should notice significant performance improvement on CPU side (when bots are fighting etc.)
Light baking now working directly on terrain shader.


I'm not going to provide any support at the moment to modding system. I tested on my mod and it's working fine.
So if you have any script errors, pink materials, black screens means that there is a 99% chance that you are doing something wrong
Try new shaders for 2019 , cpu progressive lightmapper will work as it should now (2018 bug fixed)


- Multiplayer : I did few changes there, but probably it's not fixed (huge performance drop when more than 1 player on server). Anyways might be worth to check.
- Output_log is called now Player.log (same location)
- Added realtime shadows on static objects (Distance Shadowmask)

Now the real fun begins !
[11:09 AM]
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2021.12.02 07:42 datkidinschool could I get a virus from a Google result?(example)

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2021.12.02 07:42 corazOn_18 Questions about the Pro 2 controller

So I'm planning to buy one for myself this christmas. Mostly for general use on my switch and pc. Does it matter that I use the usb-c that came with the controller or can I use any? Also, how's your controllers been holding up so far? I live in a third world country and I cannot afford to replace a controller once in a while, especially when the price of a controller can feed me for a week.
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2021.12.02 07:42 Nicozico Some doodles

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