Arvad ve

2021.12.02 07:35 eestivined Arvad ve

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2021.12.02 07:35 conandivljak Tiger 508 fallen from the bridge in Italy. 1944

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2021.12.02 07:35 urbantrashexplorer Is this weird?

I don't want to just date. I want to find my darling. My heart, my soul, my everything. So powerful that we love one another so hard that we could start new life on a huge scale. Just absolutely love each other until we burn out together like 02 and Hiro. I want to be so in love we can't get close enough to each other until we literally combine into one being. I want it in the most raw and natural way that they had it. I want my darling to be totally and completely devoted to me as I am to them. Is that weird??? I just want nothing more than their true love.
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2021.12.02 07:35 zackdaniels93 Mid Dalglish Versus Mid Butrageuno - Any Thoughts on The Latter?

Just got into Elite again, after a painful grind, and upgraded my squad with 90 Dalglish up top next to FB Mercedes-Benz. Dalglish is fun, but feels... slow? It's so silly that already, in December, 87 pace feels slow for a striker but here we are. Had trouble breaking free even with clear through balls.
So 90 Butra caught my eye. Better pace, better dribbling, better finishing. But also about 150k more expensive, weaker, and 3* skills (not a deal breaker for me, I suck at skills tbh).
Any reviews of the latter? In previous FIFAs I've found him to be too weak to contend with the juiced up defenders.
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2021.12.02 07:35 EmbarrassedLobster37 Do people usually replace their ethernet cable every few years? Because they get old? or is that not an issue

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2021.12.02 07:35 -Yreffej Sinking Pedal, but only sometimes?

I have a mk7 Golf 2.0 Diesel. So yesterday during work I hopped back in my car and the pedal pretty much went all the way to the floor, but when i pump it a little it was back to normal until the next time i got into the car but braking would feel a little iffy/not very strong. I wake up this morning and now the issue is gone? Pedal stops where it usual does and car comes to a stop fine. What could cause that? Bad master cylinder? Cheers.
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2021.12.02 07:35 YouTube_blood Crip member refused to speak to police while he dies in hospital
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2021.12.02 07:35 AndrewMythhunter Thoughts on my portfolio (in the making) ?

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2021.12.02 07:35 thedesihornyone Hot Look Desi Girl Ridding Lover Dick Part 2

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2021.12.02 07:35 juans-whatever All Doctors are Heroes/ Dont be mad, heres two months of rent and a rotato

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2021.12.02 07:35 Diligent-Push1171 එකෙක් නෑ එහෙම

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2021.12.02 07:35 Beluga_1000 Is the Options Market Predicting a Spike in Cortexyme (CRTX) Stock? CRTX 30$+...

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2021.12.02 07:35 YaboiNotdepresed Push?

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2021.12.02 07:35 Soft_Blacksmith_2911 家乡の博士


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2021.12.02 07:35 NoIdeaWhatImDoingL0L Do you send a message to people before they like you?

I sent a message to two different women and they both blocked me immediately.
Is that frowned upon/creepy?
Both messages where questions about something in their profile.
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2021.12.02 07:35 Fledgling_Mhunter I dated a legbeard...

Hello all, ReddX’s rendition of unfortanookie was enough to jog my memory of this. It has taken me quite a few years to come to terms with this portion of my life and how much time I lost. Yes, you read the title correctly, I dated a legbeard. Not just dated though, dated for 4 and a half insufferable years between 2006-2011, part of which I was engaged to her. Let's start with her name, Ogre, and the reason she got her name is due to a very unflattering picture she took of herself, to which my D&D friends mistook the picture for an actual Ogre from D&D. This was also long before I played D&D myself but I digress, let's introduce the cast.
Me, Fledgling, Male, 29 years old and married now but 15 at the time, and the unfortunate victim of this legbeard. Looking back on it I think I was drawn to anyone who would accept me because of sexual abuse by my neighbor when I was 8 years old, it stopped after me and my parents moved to the country and started a farm, more on that another time.
My mother, just call her Mom. A wonderful woman who wanted the best for me but didn't want to push me away from following my own path, even though she saw all the red flags. Honestly if she didn't do everything she did I would be telling a story about marrying a legbeard instead of dating her.
My father, just call him dad. probably the best dad anyone could ever ask for, he was very understanding when I had a few dumb childish mistakes and helped me work through them. Sometimes that meant actually working on the farm.
my best friend, he goes by Reaper on a few platforms so that should be fine for him. He saw the red flags and let me know, I blew him off though because I was hypnotized by the poon as teenage boys often are.
Reaper's now wife, Unicorn, no it's not because she is some rare creature that is never seen in the wild, she just really liked to draw unicorns. sweet girl who didn't take shit from anybody, I think I still have a makeshift dot tattoo in my arm from scaring her when the lights when out in the gym, pen fury.
Before we get to Ogre and her family let's talk about Short stack. This was a girl I had a huge crush on and actually got to date her for a while. She was perfect in my eyes and I couldn't see her mental illness. I regret not trying harder with her, but not enough to worry about it now, like I said, I'm married now so I don't need to worry.
Ogre's step Mother, she was sweet, and had 2 kids other than Ogre. She was a nurse and made more than I can even imagine to this day, but she worked hard and never complained.
Ogre's racist Father, Bubba should be a good name, he was a massive dude, standing at about 6ft 8in, but had a lot of racist undertones in how he talked. I once did a job for him clearing out some dirt for gravel and he gave me $100, saying that I am now "Ni**er rich". He was only nice to me because I was white and I'm sure that's the only reason.
Ogre's little brother and little sister, I'll just call bro and sis. they were good kids, a lot younger than me, bro was 3yo and sis was 8yo, they actually looked up to me. That was actually part of the reason why I stuck with Ogre for so long.
Then there's Ogre, she wasn't attractive, she was a little overweight and had a scar on her face. She was in a car accident when she was a child, as in vehicle vs bicycle, and had really bad knees. There was some sort of lawsuit and she ended up with a fair sum of cash for when she turned 18, she was two and a half years older than me. None of that actually made her a legbeard, in reality it was her emotional manipulation and physical abuse. At the time I was just happy anyone was paying attention to me, as we will discuss in this story.
Before I really get started, I want to apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes I make during this post. I have dyslexia and haven't quite gotten to a point where I can avoid all of said mistakes. Hopefully my writing style is good enough to look past these mistakes though. I hope you all enjoy the cringe fest that was my life from back then.
It all started with Short Stack. she was a beautiful girl, (feels weird saying it now that I'm 29) but she had a lot of flaws I just couldn't see. She had a purse that was basically a bra on a torso that she would carry around. I would always say "I'm going to poke you in the boob!" and then poke her purse. This was apparently enough to make her think that I was funny and sweet enough to date. After about 5 days of dating we kissed. I was a very inexperienced boy and that was my first kiss, in my head she was perfect and could do no wrong.
We dated for the glorious time of 2 weeks before she started talking about moving back to her moms. She was living with her sister because her mother was an alcoholic and drug addict, at the time the norm for me was that mothers were pure beings who could do no wrong, oh how naive I was. She left, catching a bus to go live with her mother. I got a phone call from her sister and she filled me in on their mother. It was a real eye opener, I felt so stupid letting her go. Then a few days after, I got a phone call from Short Stack, breaking up with me. I reassured her, or myself, that I would be fine and I'll find a new girlfriend in a few days.
I had been bold enough to ask a few girls to date me since shortstack was the most beautiful girl I had seen up to that point, I figured I was a hot commodity. After a few rejections my ego and self esteem had been effectively deflated. I actually felt empty inside, I know I was young and dumb at the time, my standards were sufficiently lowered to rock bottom by this point. I dated a girl in between Short stack and Ogre but this is the reason my standards lowered to the point where I was in a place to date Ogre.
I was now in 8th grade, my standards, ego, and self esteem had hit the floor. I was naturally an introvert, and there were very few people who could get me to come out of my shell, Reaper was one of those people. He was an introvert like me, but enjoying playing games silently next to him was enough for me to recharge my batteries. Honestly he was like a brother to me, bound by the obsession he introduced me to, Monster Hunter. Although we initially bonded because I was drawing in class, as a horny teenager I drew a nude drawing that, to this day, was probably the best mini art I ever made. It wasn’t a girl in a compromising position or anything happening to her, she was holding a towel to cover her breasts facing away from the angle I chose to draw. Me and Reaper now joke that we bonded over Hentai, a pretty golden memory for me.
The other thing that got me out of my shell was Wrestling. Not the WWE bs that you see on tv, my parents didn’t have cable tv so I never got into it, but the actual wrestling that is an actual sport and not actors. I was on a winning streak in the 8th grade, only losing to a single person throughout the season. This will play a part later on in the story.
One day there was a new girl who rode the bus to school, it was Ogre. She had a scar on her forehead and bad knees, she wasn’t completely unattractive to a 14 year old horny young boy, she had a figure that was a little plush but I wasn’t about to discriminate based on that. After all, Reaper was a bigger dude himself, and a neckbeard in his own right, not creepy, just a weeb who had trouble maintaining his body odor. I caught her staring at me a few times and got the impression that she might like me, that or something was on my face. It was a few months before anything happened, she had decided to make friends with Serial Dater, I presume it was because Serial Dater was Reaper’s sister, and I was always seen with Reaper.
Eventually, Ogre was in the same house as me when I was hanging out with Reaper. She was too shy to make her own move so after a week Serial Dater talked to me. A lot of this is blurry so I may be skipping between scenes a lot, sorry if the dialog is iffy this was about 15 years ago.
Serial Dater: “hey Fledgling, what do you think about Ogre?”
Me: “there’s not much to think, she rides the same bus as me but we’ve never talked to each other.”
Serial Dater: “you know she thinks you’re a hottie right?”
I was taken aback a bit at this, like I said already, my self esteem was at rock bottom, and I didn’t really have any standards. She wasn’t completely unattractive so I wasn’t opposed to the idea of dating her.
Me: “really? I would have never guessed.” bit of a lie but by this point I knew how to get Serial Dater to talk more, playing dumb was an easy way.
Serial Dater: “yeah, she definitely likes you and wants you to ask her out.” I saw a look on her face that was hesitant, I didn’t realize it at the time though.
So me and Ogre started dating, I don’t remember the whole interaction. I’ve spent 10 years trying to block her out of my head. Trying to drag them back into the light is both difficult and painful. The first year went by without any real signs that she was a legbeard. She wrote a lot of notes for me in school, and they were down right dirty, talking about dick sucking and chains, a lot of bedroom talk. As a horny teenager, I ate it up. I was a fish in a stream, and she caught me hook line and sinker. Looking back at it now, I’m pretty sure Serial Dater was giving her ideas, she was exactly the kind of girl who knows what horny teenagers like.
A lot of this is a blur to me. The thing that is frustrating me the most is trying to remember everything and only remembering the terrible things. I don’t have a real timeframe for all of these things, so I will separate this into Four parts, “emotional manipulation”, “physical abuse”, “LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE” and “finally”. The first two speak for themselves. Listen to other people is what I heard from every other person about her, including her own father Bubba. The Finally is the part that is clearest in my mind but to jump straight to that would be unsatisfactory.
Emotional manipulation!
Ogre had a few tactics for keeping me with her. All of them pinning on emotional manipulation.
First Tactic: Pride. Her little brother and little sister. They absolutely loved me, LB (little brother) even looked up to me as if I was a hero. Everywhere we went he would be on my shoulders. I helped him learn and grow, even if it was for only 4 and a half years. The thought of leaving LB with Ogre when she was emotionally volatile was a bit sickening to me, so I did what every good man would do and stuck with it. If I were to mention breaking up with her she would talk about killing herself, having a family member take their own lives at that age would be very traumatizing. LS (little sister) was also a sweet child, she was in awe of the art I was able to draw, I am not a servant but that was the kind of thing that was able to boost my self esteem just enough to make me feel like I found a place to belong but not enough for me to realize how messed up Ogre was. Every time we went out we spent time with them, thus solidifying my bond with her little sister and little brother.
Second tactic: Gluttony. I know, not something you would expect to be emotional manipulation. But she was a very good cook, and I am very food motivated. So much so that the physical abuse paled in comparison to how good her food was. It was the only food I can even compare to my mother’s cooking. That’s something I could only say about one woman I would ever meet, my sister in law (my brother gained 60 pounds in the first year he was married, and he couldn’t gain weight for 25 years of existence), seriously her cooking was amazing. She had this meatloaf with her own homemade BBQ sauce on top, it was to die for. Probably the main reason I stuck with her for as long as I did, the kids were attached to me, but I was attached to the idea of eventually having a wife who could remotely compete with my mother in the kitchen.
Third tactic: Wrath(getting into the darker tactics). “You’re cheating on me, there’s no other reason you would stay with me”. I heard that about once every month from her. Because she would say such a thing, I was flabbergasted at the thought of cheating on anyone, (I still am). So I would reassure her that I would never do such a thing and tell her I loved her. Combined with a few other things I was saying “I love you” so many times that, before I even knew it, it became a verbal tic even when I didn’t actually love her after 2 years.
Fourth tactic: Envy. I was 6 feet tall weighing 145 lbs and a lot of it was muscle because of the sports I would participate in. She would claim that she was “fat and ugly, and there’s no reason you should be dating me.” You have to understand, even if that statement was true, I chose her. I don’t like my decisions being questioned based on shallow BS about appearance. This made me respond by saying she was not, she was “pleasantly plump” which I believed for the first 2 years. I would also reassure her that she was beautiful and I loved her. Another tactic that developed the verbal tic. And this was also something that was said about once a month.
Fifth tactic: Sloth. The laziest way of preventing a break up is by threatening suicide. I don’t think anything else needs to be said. She would threaten to kill herself if I ever broke up with her. The feeling of being even remotely responsible for something like that was terrifying. (flashforward) I worked in a security call center and talked someone out of killing themselves. I listened to his surroundings and figured out where he was by asking the right questions, the police showed up and took him in for a mental health evaluation. Suicide is something I always take seriously, at the time I thought it couldn’t hurt if I just stayed, but it could if I left. This put the thought in the back of my head that my life was worth less than hers. While we are on the subject of Sloth, she once called me from across the house because the remote for the TV was two inches out of her reach, (not a small house).
Sixth tactic: Lust. I have said this before and I will say it again, “I was a horny teenager”. So sex was at the forfront of my mind. She would offer it any time I wanted it, she would never say no and it really kept me there. (Flashforward) I realized the sex was not that good. I have had more experiences since then and for her I would describe it as throwing a hotdog down a hallway.
Seventh tactic: Greed. She would expect gifts during anything. I understand that gifts are a thing. She spent over twenty thousand dollars on “us” when she got ahold of her lawsuit money over the course of 4 months. She moved into the loft my parents had under a few conditions. She had to have a job, she had to be on birth control, and I had to sleep in my own bed during school nights. (we ignored that last rule) she lost her job after three weeks of moving in. My dad said she could do some work around the farm to not have to pay rent, or she could pay rent. She decided to take money out of her lawsuit money in order to stay. Anyways, a bit off topic, but when I gave her anything I didn’t spend money on she would lose her shit. “You don’t love me enough to buy me something? I bought you something” (where I got my PS3). I was a broke highschool student, WTF do you expect? I took woodshop as a class and took after my dad, making things through woodworking. I made her a jewelry box, an artistic cut out of a wolf, and the piece de la resistance a queen size captain’s bed frame, with a full headboard that had drawers. I put a lot of work into this bedframe, it took me three weeks and half of my savings from working summer jobs. By the end of the project it was probably worth about two thousand dollars. Keep that number in mind. It is important later.
eighth tactic: I got no damning word for this, it was simple manipulation based on a delusion. This one hurt me more than it should. She claimed to have had a dream about me breaking my neck while wrestling. I was really into wrestling at the time, but she had effectively broken me down to the point where I quit the team. Crocodile tears were showing on her face and I felt responsible. I am going to leave you with this bit of advice, “When you are in highschool, if you have a passion, don’t give it up for anything or anyone!!!” This is my biggest regret, I really wish I could have continued with Wrestling, it was the only other sport I would play, track and field being the other.
Final tactic: Insanity. This is a big one. It was a straight up lie that takes place in The Finally and is the main reason we broke up. She wanted kids, I did as well but not before I finished college. So she cooked up a plan, she would get her birth control implant removed without telling me. I was so lucky that Serial Dater was the one she talked to about this plan. Serial Dater told me and that was what made me decide to break up with her.
physical abuse
The slapping: one day riding the bus she slapped me in the face out of the blue saying “there was a bug”. It was funny at the time and we laughed it off. However it wasn’t funny when she tried to remmanis about that time she slapped me in the face because of a bug by slapping me in the face. This happened on a regular basis on the bus ride to school. There was an argument we had, I don’t even remember what it was about, but she slapped me and punched me and jabbed me in the ribs until I was legitimately crying. This was the lowest point I have ever let my self esteem get, I still can’t believe I was at a point where I continued dating someone who did that to me. It was always body shots, nothing that would show.
The biting: she would bite me often. On my arm, my chest, my junk, anywhere she could get her chompers around. Most of it wasn’t a problem because biting in the right way was a turn on. However, the bite on my junk only happened once, at the time I fought the urge to beat the fucking shit out of her. My father raised me right and I avoided killing her. I had a very similar feeling in another incident. After she bit my junk, I cut her off and stopped telling her I loved her for about a week until she apologized. I may have had low self esteem but not low enough to put up with someone trying to bite my dick off. Then there was the other incident, she bit my tongue. I don’t know if anyone here has ever gotten their tongue bit, but when anyone bites your tongue so hard that you begin to bleed you can’t ask that person to stop, you are stuck there until they decide to stop. I’ll be honest I raised my hand to her about to slap the shit out of her until she let go. I never actually hit her but the thought was there. That evening I went home and chopped down a tree to blow off some steam. (it was a tree my dad wanted me to chop down, so calm your tits).
The hickies: I know, I know. Hickies aren’t really physical abuse. Turns out people can actually die from hickies, it’s rare, but it has actually happened, I got lucky in highschool. It does leave a clear mark though. My aunt described it as “it’s what hoes do to mark their territory” I love my aunt… when I went to school with a hickey, the PE teacher would ask, “did you get in a fight with a vacuum cleaner?” to which I would respond with, “yeah, and the vacuum won.” I was able to laugh it off for the most part, but this was a big part of the bullying I got in high school. Being an introvert, that many people talking to me was essentially torture. I asked her on several occasions that if she left a hickey, to leave it somewhere I can cover up. My neck was her go to spot and she did not change it. But I was hypnotised by the poontang, and left annoyances lie.
Reaper: “I’m pretty sure she just wants kids and to live off the government” I didn’t listen.
Mom: “she’s okay, but being able to cook food isn’t everything.” I didn’t listen.
Dad: “this is your choice, I wouldn’t make the same but you have your own life.” I didn’t listen.
Unicorn: “she treats you like shit.” I didn’t listen.
Ogre’s Step Mom: “yeah, you can do better.” I didn’t listen.
Bubba: “Look, I get that you think you love her. And I won’t stop you. But you deserve better.” I didn’t listen. This man, who raised Ogre, thought that her boyfriend deserved better than his own daughter. I can’t explain this enough to any kid going through anything like this - “IF YOU HEAR THIS, RUN AWAY!!!!” This is the biggest red flag you will ever get from anyone, EVER! As a father you wish the best for your children, but he respected me enough to warn me, he wasn’t even concerned about what was best for his daughter, he was concerned about ME! I understand that he is a racist piece of shit, but I respect him for that alone.
The finally
As I had explained previously, Ogre was trying to remove her birth control without telling me. This was the straw that broke my back. I was not ready for kids. My parents somehow heard about this and sat down with me.
Mom: “is this what you want, will you be happy marrying Ogre?”
Dad: “we can help you if you don’t want this. Just say the word and we’ll support you.”
Me, finally breaking down: “no, this isn’t what I want. I have tried breaking up with her and it hasn’t worked.”
While everything was happening I felt dead inside. I even experienced physical heartburn, she had her claws in me so deep that when I was finally able to break up with her, I had a serious anxiety that something bad would happen. My parents went into parent mode, shielding me from anything bad that could happen.
My dad, the greatest man I have ever had the privilege of spending time with, decided to move her out without question. He dealt with all of the fallout, called Bubba to explain everything, and Bubba agreed to take her back. I didn’t ask about anything. He asked if I wanted to keep the PS3, or the bed frame, and I said no. I didn’t want to keep anything from that banshee, or give her any reason to try to come back.
My mom took me to the nearest town and bought me a new phone, with a new phone number, it was an hour drive away as we live in the sticks. Mom is a computer technician and logged into my facebook account to block her and all of her friends. On the way back she bought me some video games to try and cheer me up. It cheered me up, just enough to get rid of my heartburn.
Honestly, my parents were the best parents anyone could ever ask for. Instead of forcing their views on me, they asked me, and supported me in ways I would never expect. I am blessed that I have such amazing parents and I am thankful for them every day. They still don’t know about the child molestation that happened when I was 8, and I want to keep it that way. They don’t deserve to feel as if they failed, I couldn’t have the wonderful wife that I have today if it wasn’t for their actions in this situation. Honestly, writing this now is bringing up a lot of emotions so I am going to end it with this -
It turns out that she sold the bedframe to Serial Dater for $50. That was the only thing that pissed me off about the actual breakup.
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2021.12.02 07:35 DKnuckL Back from a 2 year break. New CV I'm working on.

Back from a 2 year break. New CV I'm working on. Haven't jumped on Empyrion since before the Pandemic! Figured I'd build a small CV... got a little carried away. Anyways, here's some shots of the work in progress. I have some signal logic ideas in my head as well. I'm thinking of programming the ship so when the warp drive turns on theres a delay and a bunch of shutters will open revealing lights. I'll sync up some hidden blue lighting to give the nacelles some life when the warp drive is active. Was aiming for a tier 3, but this will likely wind up a tier 4. Going for a carrier type role. Lots of hangars, lightly armored. A sheel for the most part in its current state, but ya enjoy!
bit of an ugly spud, aint it
I really like these new heavy windows
more shaping of the top hangar
top hangar (havent done much work)
main hangar
Walkway connecting nacelles, to the rest of the ship... a bit of shaping as well
more hangar views
bottom hangar
another front angle
not sold on the front end yet, but its a work in progress
bottom view, and the shaping I've worked on so far
bottom again
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2021.12.02 07:35 Icy-Conversation2926 Need support

  1. Englisch is not my main language so please excuse me if anything is wrong, also the first post on Reddit. I thought a lot about posting this or not.
  2. I am a 22-year-old (still) guy from Germany. I've had thoughts about being a girl since my early teens maybe even earlier (I can't remember anymore). I was also always interested in things that are more related to girls but also have interests that are more associated with my biological gender like cars and pc hardware (maybe because I always had more friends that were girls than guyfriends. Lately (past 2-3 years) these thoughts came back and often there are no thoughts anymore they are wishes. My gf (together for 9 years now) and I discovered a while ago don't know my gender identity (i think I could be trans but sometimes I am also thinking that I'm just making it up) and told her last week that I want to try out more feminine things. We tried somethings in the past like me trying to wear one of her bras and she treating me more like a girl (which I really liked and think I also got euphoria from). Obviously, at first, she was kind of shocked but later that day she came and wanted to support me. But now I'm kind of afraid of what to do next. I want to try these things really bad (basically a dream come true). I am built manly enough that I fear I won't ever pass but always had and still have a big ass and thighs maybe that helps in that regard later idk also, I don't want to lose anything I accomplished till now, like my studies (Combined vocational training and degree program) and Workplace (i can imagine HR could be supportive but don't know about my boss) and my relationship to my gf and my mom and my grandparents (sadly my Grandpa which is a really important person for me is quite old fashioned). But like I said I don't really know where to start now. I hope you can help me and maybe give me some advice on how to start/ advance this journey or support me.
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2021.12.02 07:35 CasperElshao I must say i've never been in party royale but judging off this sub:

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2021.12.02 07:35 Pretty_Pomegranate12 Op

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