What Games Are You Playing?

2021.10.18 18:59 JimmyRowe1994 What Games Are You Playing?

What game(s) are you playing at the moment? I’ve got a few that I’m jumping between: Forza Horizon 3, Batman: Return to Arkham - Arkham Asylum, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, and The Division.
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2021.10.18 18:59 onestop4web Back Exercise : incline-bench-row

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2021.10.18 18:59 Accomplished-Spot-17 Just found this sub. This is my white kitty.

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2021.10.18 18:59 mitcheg3k Movie sequels coming out unnumbered so you dont know which one it is, what order to watch or how to stack them in your collection

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2021.10.18 18:59 VariousInstruction27 Logging off where it all began, 2 years ago - sub ends today one month from EW... cya all in Sharlayan.

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2021.10.18 18:59 Diamond_Hands4444 ***SNDL FEE TO BORROW IS NOW 9%***

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2021.10.18 18:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - US extends military support to Georgia for six years, condemns Russia's ‘occupation’ | Al Arabiya

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2021.10.18 18:59 Loongdm Who are the two wrestlers on the picture?

Who are the two wrestlers on the picture?
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2021.10.18 18:59 Rahul_2503 Crypto eCommerce Platform Shopping.io Integrates $PUSH as a Payment Method for Users

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2021.10.18 18:59 Brief_Guard_9443 Malu Trevejo naughty sexy girl nipple see through viral video

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2021.10.18 18:59 WebDev27 How are people playing lost ark?

I saw that a youtuber (stopperz) have been playing lost ark, but how? is the beta active for people that buy a package? if yes, for how long? if no, then how can i jump in?
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2021.10.18 18:59 papaslilpoppyseed I need to regress so badly but I havent been able to in so long.. (TW: Trauma, Adult nursing [COMPLETELY NONSEXUAL FOR ME- used for pain relief, mental health, and bonding with a severe attachment disorder], SA/ rape [some details], Mental health related [some details], Caregivers [Papa/ Momma])

If this is not the place for this, please let me know (kindly?)- I'm not trying to cause any issues or anything.. I truly just need help, and I dont know where else to go right now..
Okay so.. I (24F) have been age regressing (mostly involuntarily) since the age of 7- I went through a lot as a kiddo and regressing has always been my coping mechanism, it helps me so much. But I havent been able to regress in over a year.
For a bit of background, I do have a CG, He is my Husband, and I've been with Him for nearly 9 years now. He's been my Big for all 9 of those years. We are polyamorous. I am physically and mentally disabled, and have a laundry list of professional diagnoses made by a therapist Ive been with for years. So, it sounds like a lot on top of a lot.. but thats because it is.
TW: adult nursing (SUPER NONSEXUAL.. for me), SA/ rape (somewhat detailed), trauma, mental illness (somewhat detailed)
About two years ago, I met my now ex-girlfriend. At the time, I considered her my Momma. We quickly became enamored with one another. Fast forward a year, and as things progressed we ended up in a relationship. I trusted her a lot, and so felt comfortable completely regressing with her, knowing I'd be safe.. We had discussed the topic of nursing- something I see as completely, 100% nonsexual. I have an oral fixation that helps soothe me, and skin to skin contact is very important for me in bonding with someone- I'm diagnosed with a severe attachment disorder (something that almost never gets officially diagnosed in anyone over the age of 5, but my psych doctors explained to me that in really severe situations, children can occasionally carry it through their entire lives, and the affects of it can be awful). For me, it was something I wanted so that I could feel close to her, so that I could bond with her, to ease my anxiety, and even to help alleviate the pain I deal with on a constant basis (Im physically disabled,band "adult nursing" has been scientifically proven to help with pain relief, easing anxiety and depression, and helping form bonds- its about the release of chemicals that comes from being so close to someone who is caring and nurturing you, and vice versa, it works for both people).
She knew all along that I have a lot of sexual trauma, I had told her many, many times that I was NOT okay with having sex and that it would probably be traumatic for me if it happened before I was ready. She promised not to push me. We were snuggling one night, and she allowed me to nurse. I regressed fully, and was just so happy to be small in her arms.. but, it didn't last long, and it quickly became very bad for me. Long story short, she pushed me down and raped me- while I was so fully regressed that I could barely respond at all. I was stuck, I felt paralyzed, I just wanted it all to be over.. and when it was, I cried myself to sleep.. I stayed for a few more days, desperate to find an excuse to get home. I didn't tell my Husband everything that happened.. I felt humiliated. And, anyhow, He was out of state for work, so what could He do? I just pushed it all down as far as I could and tried to forget.
I have a new girlfriend, she's so wonderful and lovely, but my intense fear of physical intimacy has caused us issues.. until I told her the real story, and she immediately pointed out that it was much worse than I had originally made it out to be.. and that what she did to me was rape, and that it made sense that I was so afraid. She was horrified that someone had hurt me so badly, and all she wants to do is help me get through this.. after the sudden shock of her reaction, everything came right back up, bubbling to the surface.
Ever since that discussion (a week ago), I've been dissociating nonstop, having flashbacks, occasionally getting caught in delusions, I've been paranoid.. I NEED to regress, and sometimes I can.. but the second I do, I start dissociating really badly, and I get ripped in and out of this terrifying place for hours, sometimes days.
End of TW
I need help.. I just want to feel safe. Papa doesn't know how to help, and my current girlfriend is more than willing but she doesn't want to hurt/ traumatize me more than whats already been done.. does anyone have any suggestions? Does anyone know of anything that could help me feel safe again? I need to regress, I cant process anything without it, and I feel so lost..
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2021.10.18 18:59 adamfuradam Anyone on their first day of fast? I’m planning to go for 5 days.

Started last night at 7:30 pm. 41 M starting weight 192.6. Just wanted to see if anyone wants to join in!
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2021.10.18 18:59 Senbeii [CA-ON] [H] Primus, Skog Reboot, Deag Bean, S-Craft Evee & Vulpix, CKC Fandal, Keycap Trays [W] Is0 macro pad, H88 PCB, Infinity 88 PCB, Unikorn, Cafe Artisans, SS Primus Weight

Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated. Please comment before sending a PM, will not respond to any chats
Not FCFS, will prioritize Local > Canada > USA > Elsewhere

Availability Items Desc Price
Available Percent Studio Skog Reboot BNIB White WKL Casio, bluetooth, hotswap PCB, FR4 plate, extra hotswap PCB, extra black knob $700 Shipped
Available NexusProject Primus Unbuilt WK Ewhite/Black/Grey, brass plate, PC plate, and extra PCB, gaskets have been pre-installed $500 Shipped
Available Deag Draco Bean $300 Shipped
Available S-craft Evee 90 Shipped
Available S-craft Vulpix 90 Shipped
Available S-craft bundle Both Evee & Vulpix 160 Shipped
Available China keycap clones Fandal V2 with trophy mount $126 Shipped
Available Mstone Keycap Trays x2, frosted $20 for 1, $30 takes both
Cafe Related Artisans
Silver Is0 Macro pad
H88 PCB w/ north facing spacebar
Infinity 88
Unbuilt VKG / Ewhite Unikorn with an extra pcb
Primus SS Weight (Trading my grey Primus weight + PP)
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2021.10.18 18:59 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Egypt to require COVID-19 vaccinations for civil servants | Al Arabiya

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2021.10.18 18:59 olehalt giratina on me adding 5 - 7505 7174 2774

lets go
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2021.10.18 18:59 Discopuss Leaked Gabite dox confirms 2/3 actually named "Karen"

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2021.10.18 18:59 Brief_Guard_9443 Malu Trevejo naughty sexy girl nipple see through viral video

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2021.10.18 18:59 CMThrill Hi there 🐾

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2021.10.18 18:59 Goodtimeguru9292 I 29(m) sabotage every relationship. Why can't I accept the past?

29(M) here and I would like to gather some perspective from others on this complex I seem to struggle with IMMENSELY. In short, within a short period of entering an intimate relationship, I hyper focus on their sexual past and lose interest in them. This has occurred since my first "serious" relationship at 18. I will experience extremely vivid images / mental movies of them performing sexual acts with others (even if I don't know what their past partners looked like). I have done a lot of research on this over the years and it's claimed to be a form of OCD, called Retroactive jealousy. This only flares when I start to truly feel "love" or strong emotion. If it's someone I'm only casually dating or hanging out with and they make a joke about something sexual from their past, it goes in one ear and out the other. However if I ever develop true feelings for them, I will recall every single thing they said and it will haunt me for weeks, months, years, until I terminate the relationship. Then I get peace until the process starts again with someone new. It's so extreme and unbearable that for most of my 20's I figured I would just remain single and pursue my goals, and that's when I felt the most content and happy.
Being proactive to overcome & the results:
I have attended A.R.T. (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) sessions for $300 a pop, go to a counselor weekly, have read a lot of books regarding the power of the mind, self development, etc, and have taken online courses to try and diminish these thoughts. In other words, I'm aware of the issue and have committed to spending a lot of time and money into overcoming it. I have tried to rewire my mind and even went to the extent of taking Luvox for OCD / Anxiety.
Despite this, it feels as if I've made 0 progress over they YEARS. This stuff eats me up DAILY. I rarely live in the moment due to such intrusive thoughts. It's a very excruciating thing to acknowledge as it seems like I'll never be "happy" or have a long term relationship. I have tried to dig deep to see what could cause this as many are immediate to bash me for these thoughts or say "you're insecure". I'm not a cocky or boastful individual but I am confident in myself. I am considered a leader among my friends, have great relationships with family and friends, own a successful business, am what many would say is physically attractive (I don't pursue women, they typically have pursued me). Once again, please don't take this as me being cocky, I just wanted to provide context as to who I am and my thoughts. I am usually extremely rational and logical but not in this situation.
Current situation:
I am dating someone 29(F)that has been considered one of my best friends for the last 10+ years. We have always craved being together but life had taken us separate ways. We have an amazing friendship and and are great intimate partners. This woman is the only woman I've truly ever desired, back since we were teenagers. Often times I would not commit to any other relationship because I felt that she put the bar so high, that no one else would meet the standards I had for dating.
Since we had been friends for over a decade, we had shared personal things with eachother. She had confided in me over the years that she felt identical towards me and that regardless of who eachother was dating, we felt they didn't match up to eachother (the reason we put off dating was due to going separate ways for college and because we were concerned to tarnish the friendship if things didn't work out). She had further confided in me that she always felt something was off with her hormones as she had never been "turned on" by a partner and would rather please herself than engage sexually with someone. She felt that she was perhaps asexual or demisexual, because she wanted nothing to do with sex and would try to delay it as much as possible, often only caving to do it 1-2 times a month to please her partner. She is highly intelligent and more so drawn towards intelligence and good conversation than physical appearance. Throughout the years of friendship, my stories were extremely different. Talk of how much I enjoyed sex with my partners and how I would want to do it 3-4 times a day if time permitted (I didn't expect us to ever date).
Once we started dating, we eventually had a more "serious" talk about our pasts. We didn't delve into much detail other than how many partners we had and the context. She had stated 7 partners and that they were all in the context of a relationship, with sex with 3 of the partners only ever happening 3-4 times over the course of 5-9 months (the length of each of those relationships). She stated once again that she has never craved sex or initiated it and that it's been a problem in her past relationships. She had never had a "hook up", FWB, ONS, etc.
A few months after dating, we became sexual and she seemed ecstatic, stating that she couldn't believe how good our sex was and "now I know what all of the hype is like". Stating things like "You've opened up my world", "you've helped me find my sexuality as a woman", and she's also become more open to trying new creative things that I bring up.
You would think I would be grateful or feel "lucky" right? That she and I have the connection to explore her sexual world and that I am the man she connects with on such a level that she actually has a libido for once? Unfortunately that's not how I feel. Instead, I find myself creating scenarios of how it possibly was between her and someone else.
Rational vs. irrational:
I have told myself to think rationally - "You're almost 30 years old, anyone you date will have a past. At 30 years old, most women who have gone through their 20's and college probably have been with more than 7 people. They likely will have had a drunk hook up, ONS, FWB or some other casual form of sex. Since this category is such a big deal to you, you should feel fortunate that you are the man helping her open up her sexuality and trying new things, this is the one woman you've ever loved."
However, the irrational thoughts come in extremely strong - "Would you feel this way if she had only been with 3-4 people? Is 7 much more than that? Yes it's double. Why would she have sex with them if she didn't want to? Oh, to appease them, because it's what people assume they should do if they want to remain in a relationship? The list goes on and on.
From the day we became friends I joked with her that we would one day get married. I do love her, however I deal with twisted thoughts of my own in the category of sex. I'm worried that if I don't get a handle of this type of thinking, I will be the demise of this relationship. I have done all that I can think to do and I don't know what else is left as an option.
TL;DR I struggle with intrusive / obsessive thoughts over my partner's sexual past. I have tried so many things (therapy, counseling, medication, self help) to overcome this form of OCD and feel destined to be single if this is not under control.
Thank you,
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2021.10.18 18:59 MiniGambler That's a LOT of tendies!

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2021.10.18 18:59 teslathrowaway59 AT&T TDP vs MathWorks EDG Intern

I’ve got a choice between these two companies for next summer and I would appreciate any help deciding which one to take! Pay is similar and location doesn’t matter to me.
View Poll
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2021.10.18 18:59 ImAlexandraa Evil Scaramouche

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2021.10.18 18:59 DefneYapragi Netflix için doğru düzgün VPN var mı?

Başka ülkelerde yayınlanan şeyler gözükmüyor.
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