Sweet little ACE

2021.10.18 18:19 Familiar_Elevator Sweet little ACE

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2021.10.18 18:19 NahHalcyon My bf never wore the necklace I bought him for his birthday

The birthday of my bf was a month ago and I decided to give him one of my shirt, some candies, a 90$ necklace and some letters I spent 6h hours on. I had no idea if he would like the necklace but I took the risk to buy it thinking he would wear it anyway cause it's still a pretty good quality jewel. When he opened his gift, he was very happy about the shirt but for the rest not that much. While he looked at the necklace he said "thank you, it's not my style but thank you" and i got a bit sad but i asked him for the next time i would buy one, what he would like
I was still convinced he would wear it at least some days but he never even took it out of the box and it's been now a month since then. The thing is, he knows sadly the price of the necklace because i was obligated to put the worth of the products on the package for the mail. I dont understand why he still doesnt wear it, i mean, it wasnt cheap and he could have give me a 5$ necklace made of some noodles and i would have wear it :( I console myself with the fact it was only 90$ because without the discount, it would have been 150$ but i'm still so disappointed...
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2021.10.18 18:19 enho224 What was the worst experience you had at a friend’s house?

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2021.10.18 18:19 CHET2CHET DeSo - The first blockchain social media. We need your feedback!

Hi! We have created DeSo, the first social media dapp.
Check it out here: https://launch.desoapp.co
Use MetaMask and Ropsten testnet to log in.
What is it?
DeSo is a decentralized social platform based on blockchain. The purpose of DeSo is to create a platform that enables creators to make their content permanent and get deserved appreciation for it. Users log in with their crypto wallets, so they can remain anonymous if that's what they desire. They are also just one click away from tipping their favorite creators. The core idea of DeSo is that all content is free of ads available to everyone. If you like a particular creator, then you're welcome to appreciate their posts with ETH or (soon) any ERC-20 tokens (yes, you will be able to use Shiba Inu coin!).
What do I get from it?
On DeSo, a creator will have to think twice about posting content which serves no value because of gas fees (it costs money to upload a post). That way as a user you can expect only high quality content on the platform.
How do creators get rewarded?
On DeSo there's no like button. The way you appreciate artists is by transfering them your ETH and (soon) all ERC-20 tokens such as DAI, SHIB or anything you like! In further stages of development DeSo Creators will also be rewarded in DeSo Token.
How does it work?
When you upload posts to DeSo, they are send to the blockchain. Right now we're using Ropsten testnet just to gather user feedback, in the later stages of development we are planning to integrate multiple chains. The post is sent to mempool (just like a normal transaction would) and after the next block is mined it is ready to be displayed on DeSo.
What network is it on?
The app is currently deployed on Ropsten testnet.
How do I interact with the dapp?
To interact with DeSo you need some testnet ethers. You can get some for free here: https://faucet.dimensions.network/ or here: https://faucet.ropsten.be/ and them have fun with them on https://launch.desoapp.co
How do I log into DeSo?
To log into DeSo you need MetaMask wallet browser extension (https://metamask.io/)
Thanks for getting familiar with DeSo!If you want to go down the rabbit hole further:

We're looking forward to getting feedback from you.
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2021.10.18 18:19 AndIoop3789 New dates for black panther, thor and the marvels feel so wrong

Black panther on November and just after that December has two huge underwater movies in avatar and aquaman ... I get the move but still Thor love and thunder doesn't feel like middle of a summer movie to me ... the perfect date for that film would be February or November... And the marvel's on February feels so odd becoming they could have easily put it on March 2023 again ..
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2021.10.18 18:19 usushbsbsb Coming from cs, struggling in silver

I have about 1800 hours in CS and I’m faceit level 7, but I suck really bad at Valorant to the point where it’s embarrassing. I’m currently on a 12 game comp lose streak in silver 3 and I’m pretty sure half the reason we’re losing is cuz I suck. At the same time, when I spectate my teammates, I see that they are absolutely horrible. (Even worse than me), but I still can’t outfrag them. Can anyone help me?
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2021.10.18 18:19 Pizzapest008 fucking tired of everything at this point

Im constantly unhappy and uncomftrable with where i am in life. My grades are shit and i cant realy do any thing about it becouse of my learning issues. The mental hospital that promised me help and happiness made me even more miserable and doesnt take me searusly. Ive grown to have a fear of mental hospitals, and i have to go there every week now. They only listen to my dad that doesnt know shit about what im going thru and im Not even gonna brother to tell anything about my current mental state becouse no one will take it seriously. My social anxiety is restricting me from meeting up with my friends outside of school and Its so fucking bad that i can hardly answer phonecalls or messeges. Ive only recently realised how bad my family is for my mental health yet i cant do anything about it becouse it will lead to even more issues. I hardly ate anything today and yesterday becouse my dad didnt leave enough money for me and my brother. I always feel uneasy around any of my family members and it would take a long time for me to explain why. I just wanna be an adult so bad but when i go online i see how much every one complains about being grown up so now im wondering if all of my dreams of adulthood are just a scam to get me to hope for freedom i will never be able to reach. I just wanna be able to go to therapy with out the fear of my family finding out how i feel. I just wanna be happy. I just wanna be normal. I dont wanna be mature for my age, i lowkey hate that im basicly an adult at the age of 13. I dont wanna be this lonely all the time. I dont wanna be in this family anymore. I dont wanna feel bad in my skin becouse of gender dysphoria. I basicly just feel neutral or nothing at all with maybe a few other emotions every few days. At times like this, id prefer myself dead.
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2021.10.18 18:19 emogamer22 [X-post from r/reddeadreademption(rdr1)] well to the underworld

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2021.10.18 18:19 ZacIsGoodAtGames rtl8821ce wifi is slow on Manjaro?

anyone know the fix on manjaro? or atleast ALL the fixes.
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2021.10.18 18:19 asifahmed10 Pokemon Trading Cards 25th Anniversary Tin - Walmart.com (Sold and shipped by Walmart)

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2021.10.18 18:19 Redone1285 Personalized Astrology Reading Video Report

Get your Astrology Video Report from here
Your unique personalized astrology video will calculate the position of the planets on the date of your birth to reveal...

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2021.10.18 18:19 arib_kamal Why stay just jump down ?

I’m new to the bio shock universe and I’ve played a bit of the first game. I’ve seen some gameplay of Bioshock infinite and I will fully delve into it once I’m done with my exams but I have some questions based on pure speculation .

  1. Where does Infinite take place ? Like I know it’s some cloud city above Columbia but like is it in a different universe or something or can a homie witness the city on a commercial flight somewhere
  2. If it’s on earth and it’s just a matter of escaping. Why not just find some parachutes and hop down ?
I really apologize if these are ignorant questions. Also to answer these if you have to spoil the game go ahead it’s fine .
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2021.10.18 18:19 spoolr XBOX360 RB3 - Kick drum pedal doesn't do anything in song selection?

With the guitar and joystick I can pick from a Song/Artist Letter list to quickly navigate the song list. The RB3 menus imply the kick drum pedal should do the same thing, but it doesn't actually do anything at all. How can I quickly jump around the song list when playing solo with the drums?
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2021.10.18 18:19 tzu_tzu_flower lexapro and adderall gang rise up 😎

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2021.10.18 18:19 scrawberri Rant

I just don’t understand these people. More specifically the women. Yes these mom/son combos are crazy but what’s even crazier to me is that women are willing to stay in these relationships!!! What is wrong with these people?? And some couples are already married but want to act shocked @ the relationship that their husband and MIL have. What did you expect? You literally signed up for this. I just wish I could shake the women and tell them to love themselves. They deserve so much more
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2021.10.18 18:19 Lmvl Starting new tank - 2 questions

In anticipation of starting a small cull tank for my wild types, I put a 2nd biomax bag in my SpecV filter chamber as well as floated a course sponge in water column my many-years-established tank. I only have amano and cherry shrimp in the established tank.
First question: is a month long enough for the beneficial bacteria to have grown on the biomax media and sponge to be a seed for a small 2.5 G tank?
How soon after setup of new tank can I add the seeds? Right away or wait for the initial cloud to go away? I plan on using remineralized RO water with new substrate and undergravel filter.
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2021.10.18 18:19 SnooCrickets6499 When do you apply for a TA position ?

When do applications come around?
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2021.10.18 18:19 AvnSgt October Growth, To date...

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2021.10.18 18:19 kumcitten Am I shadowbanned?

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2021.10.18 18:19 vegasbm ‘Why Can’t We Study?’ – Afghan Girls Still Barred From School

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2021.10.18 18:19 Mtommy https://youtu.be/0hrE6MSGcnA

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2021.10.18 18:19 TobiHovey Bitcoin Company Bakkt Begins Trading on New York Stock Exchange

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2021.10.18 18:19 GoatOnTheSticks Redditors who have moved states, how do you find a job before moving?

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2021.10.18 18:19 notblazer Iron mountain highway, Custer state park South Dakota. If you like driving cars this road should be on your list

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2021.10.18 18:19 NoMarriageNoKids 15 Secrets We Will Never Reveal About Girls Night Out (Never let her go out if you're not invited)

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