Saw this in China!

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2021.09.19 16:28 sysadmin_GPT2 Saw this in China!

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2021.09.19 16:28 Kernel_Pie Lifting Spilled Ink from a Cherry Desk.

My roommate had a mishap with a rollerball pen over my desk this morning. The cartridge spilled blue ink and I tried to lift it with Murphy's. I got it to fade but can't get the rest of it out the woodgrain. Are there any other techniques I can try or does the desk need to be stripped and restrained? The wood is a light stained cherry. The desk is only a year old, so I want to do what I can.
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2021.09.19 16:28 Real_Muad_Dib If your name is Sam, what was it like playing this game?

My partner’s name is Bridget, and she would often call out “Hey, that’s me!” upon hearing her name while I was playing.
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2021.09.19 16:28 Icy_Representative43 Him just vibing is adorable

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2021.09.19 16:28 Narkboy42 Computer Sound Effects

You know, the ones that play whenever they get some sort of "update" or something. Anybody know what they're called or where to find them?
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2021.09.19 16:28 essaycode CS1027b Computer Science Fundamentals II Assignment 1……solved

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2021.09.19 16:28 ContentForager Mirror Magnet — your camera image in front of everything else (/r/macapps)

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2021.09.19 16:28 PM_ME_NOW_4_FREE I rp with no limits as any girl

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2021.09.19 16:28 BarbedFlyer [XB1] H: Garrahan Foreman Outfit x2, Fire Station Bell, Junkyard Fountain, Snallygaster Plushie. W: TV Aquarium x2, Scorchbeast Queen Plushie

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2021.09.19 16:28 dimlevi Compti A+ jobs and salaries in London

Hi im currently studying for my comptia A+ to get my foot in this industry.
I live in London, i would like to ask if someone knows from experience about salaries for entry level jobs with CompTIA a+ in London and how recognized is this certificate in UK.
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2021.09.19 16:28 Impressive-Car4019 Sport dog system: I already own/use a sport dog fence. Can i add a remote?

I did not purchase the “contain + train” system. I only got the fence with collar. Can i add a remote to this collar I already have? For use when going places?
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2021.09.19 16:28 common_otter12 its leela yay

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2021.09.19 16:28 PhoenixFireFlite I found these in my garden. I have a hunch as to what they might be, but I'd like a professional opinion.

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2021.09.19 16:28 nhunhu_ check me

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2021.09.19 16:28 Scott_Smethurst [PS4] H: new plans W: caps / offers

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2021.09.19 16:28 tumult-pro [STORE] Bowie Doppler Phase 3 FN, Falchion Doppler Phase 4 FN, Driver Gloves Black Tie WW, Gut Doppler P1/3 FN, Gut Rust BS, Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth FN and more knives and gloves - b/o in keys

Looking for trade offers, item for item. (b/o in csgo keys)

★ Bowie Knife Doppler Phase 3 FN 0.01 SS ING 80
★ Falchion Knife Doppler Phase 4 FN 0.03 SS ING 79
★ StatTrak™ Talon Urban Masked WW 0.38 SS ING 57
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase 3 FN 0.03 SS ING 38
★ Gut Knife Doppler Phase 1 FN 0.05 SS ING 38
★ StatTrak Shadow Daggers Rust Coat BS 0.53 SS ING 25
★ Gut Knife Rust Coat BS 0.59 SS ING 24
★ Navaja Knife Blue Steel MW 0.12 SS ING 23
★ Navaja Knife Damascus Steel MW 0.13 SS ING 22
★ Bowie Knife Forest DDPAT FT 0.28 SS - 28
★ Driver Gloves Black Tie WW 0.43 SS - 77
★ Broken Fang Gloves Unhinged WW 0.44 SS - 30
★ Bloodhound Gloves Snakebite FT 0.35 SS - 30
★ Moto Gloves Boom! BS 0.75 SS - 28
★ Driver Gloves Convoy BS 0.74 SS - 22
★ Hydra Gloves Mangrove FT 0.28 SS - 21
★ StatTrak Falchion Knife Slaughter MW 0.11 SS ING 64
★ Huntsman Knife Night MW 0.12 SS ING 47
★ Huntsman Knife Damascus Steel MW 0.09 SS ING 37
★ Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth FN 0.01 SS ING 36
★ Navaja Knife Tiger Tooth FN 0.05 SS ING 34
★ Gut Knife Ultraviolet MW 0.12 SS ING 32
★ Stiletto Knife Scorched MW 0.14 SS ING 31
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2021.09.19 16:28 poisonpotato3321 my fanart for hololiveEN art battle on pixiv (AME)

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2021.09.19 16:28 neptunes-assistant Start with nothing {8} [Double] (Triton)

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2021.09.19 16:28 LightningMcMicropeen Feyenoord deals a huge blow to PSV, fans angry at Schmidt.

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2021.09.19 16:28 Patecatli ITAP Sunrise on a misty morning, loved how the sun was reflecting on the mist.

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2021.09.19 16:28 swellsparkler After 2 years of trying to baby my daith piercing through multiple bumps, I finally went against advice and did something that actually worked overnight

Got a daith piercing with a titanium hoop in Oct 2019 so it's been close to 2 years now and it's still not fully healed! I've followed the rules faithfully from day 1 - only saline spray and letting water run on it in the shower, I've never used anything else on it. It's had months of good times off and on but then right when I think it's finally healed, it will suddenly get irritated and get a bump.
Got another bump a few days ago and despite keeping the area clean and lots of saline it just was taking its' sweet time to go down. Last night, my daughter asked me for some aloe gel because she has a sunburn. As I handed it to her, I thought "Man.... this sounds like it would be so soothing on my piercing right now." So, against all advice, I squirted some aloe gel all over my piercing. (This is high quality 100% aloe gel.) It honestly instantly felt better.
This morning, I asked my daughter to look at my bump. (She looks for me every day and takes a pic so I can see it.) She says, "It's gone."
What? Yep. She took a pic and showed it to me. It is indeed almost all the way receded overnight. After DAYS of trying with just saline.
I hope this isn't against the rules, if it is just delete - but I wanted to post this here in case it helps anyone else. To me, aloe gel seems like an innocuous substance to use. I plan to use it from now on, on any troubled piercings.
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2021.09.19 16:28 __Monochrome__ We have interesting morals

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2021.09.19 16:28 michaelkondo Belt it Out Playlist: Tearing up that Karaoke Machine | Lifetime Bangers

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2021.09.19 16:28 UKHHH Unknown T - Goodums | A COLORS SHOW

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2021.09.19 16:28 Pair_Alone PE 2 TK MKL- BUSTO, BRIXTONN JOHN, TATAD

Sinong nakakaalam ng email ni Coach? T_T Need asap T_T
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