1:8 Scale R.M.S Titanic

2021.09.19 16:43 Derekanic 1:8 Scale R.M.S Titanic

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2021.09.19 16:43 quitthechaos HELP! First time Christmas cactus owner and my plant is STRUGGLING.

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2021.09.19 16:43 nilson_christian Chocolate Mousse a'la Kronenhalle (Addictive - Chocoholics Beware)

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2021.09.19 16:43 orangesocialcurrency What celebrity would you leave your significant other for?

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2021.09.19 16:43 spkane One Julianna Down, 50 million more to go...

This was my first Julianna kill and with no reprise lives left. Felt good to win one.
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2021.09.19 16:43 Gaming-Atlas A Test

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2021.09.19 16:43 lalilulaa Top und fill suchen t4 suchen team

Ing: Mıss Banana
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2021.09.19 16:43 Ancient-Abs Brexit: Imperial units only part of laws revamp, says No 10

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2021.09.19 16:43 qwertyasdfzxcv12321_ guys i need help i saw a reddit post about this yesterday but i forgot where it was

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2021.09.19 16:43 essaycode Assignment #3 CS 3357a……solved

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2021.09.19 16:43 on3Aboveall POOP SMELLS LIKE FUNGUS

I'm 22 yrs male , I'm suffering from white particles in urine , And itching in body ,
I ate a expired bee pollen 5 months ago
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2021.09.19 16:43 tranmamba 5 Tips & Tricks To Become A CS:GO PRO - Pimp

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2021.09.19 16:43 dirtyRM_lazyhost Dishes, utensils are being left in sink for days, garbage on counters by messy roommate homeowner away.

The two of us each rent a room long term and share the house with the homeowners. I've been experiencing ongoing issues with the other renter. Leaving common areas messy, like the bathtub extra hairy, splashes water everywhere in the bathroom and kitchen such that it's caused mold and rust to develop, leaving the sink full of dirty dishes , utensils, finishing products and leaving the empty containers / bags lying around on counters instead of putting them away , in the recycling, garbage or whatever. In short I find the roommate's behavior to be disrespectful towards the homeowners and me.
I spoke with the homeowners a few times about my concerns but they defended him saying that his parents spoiled him, it's not his fault , they encouraged his to focus on his studies (that's good) and he's very smart, but lacks the upbringing to tidy up after himself, etc. basically sweeping my concerns under the rug. They didn't want to make waves and be the "bad guy" , so they said nothing to him. In the meantime I had to deal with getting wet socks, dealing with the mess, reduced utensils and dishware because of the dirty ones left by the roommate, increased stress. I've so far refrained from leaving a bad or at least mediocre review as I still live here but definitely won't be leaving a 5 star review when I leave. What makes matters worse is witnessing the homeowner sitting around all day and night, sleeping in the common areas TV blaring, smoking (outside thankfully), the cigarette odor, etc. I should should really step up my efforts to find a new place to live, it's just work is especially busy 6 days a week + night shifts too, no car currently so limited in where I can go, etc.
Is there any way to get the messy roommate to clean up after himself? I feel it's common courtesy in a shared environment and feel it's unfair that I should have to suffer dirty conditions because of some else's neglect.
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2021.09.19 16:43 Sausagesandpeppers Dinner spot

Couple of friends coming to town and I do not know the restaurant scene yet (I recently moved back).
What's a fun, delicious, upscale restaurant on the water (bayside or gulfside...either).
Groups are late 40s, cocktails, wine, good food oriented.
Not price-sensitive (they are paying lol).
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2021.09.19 16:43 Faust_TSFL The Franks Casket - a carved whale-bone box

One of 'Anglo-Saxon' England's most alluring but mysterious archaeological finds, the beautifully engraved Franks Casket features a set of complex visual depictions of myth and history. It's absolutely stunning, and well worth checking out.
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2021.09.19 16:43 shookookie [For Hire] Semi-realistic | Sketches start at $2, fully-rendered at $15

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2021.09.19 16:43 euniegaspar Happy Indie Rock Alt / Indie Pop tunes for parties

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2021.09.19 16:43 Pistoutw SAMSUNG S10+ / Can not find OEM unlock within the Developer options menu

Trying to install Lineage on a S10+, android 10, G957USQU4ETH7/G975SUOYN4E...
I can not find OEM unlock within the Developer options menu, even after software update and reboot.

Any idea ?
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2021.09.19 16:43 Stoic_Firefighter Excellent front porch views

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2021.09.19 16:43 Kitten-Now What rate shows on work history if the rate fluctuated up and down during the contract?

Say you have an hourly contract that starts at $5/hr, then goes UP to $15/hr, then goes DOWN to $10/hr, with work completed at each of those rates, and the rate when the contract is closed is $10/hr.
Once the contract is closed, what rate will be shown on the work history? The highest rate or the rate the contract ended on?
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2021.09.19 16:43 NOThenry_cavill Despite claims of a "streisand effect"- evidence shows that censorship Works

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2021.09.19 16:43 RLCD-Bot [Burnt Sienna Octane] [Hydrophobic] [Orange Hot Rod] [Orange Grievance: Inverted]

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2021.09.19 16:43 DisasterPeaceTheatre What is something that Americans are deprived of?

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2021.09.19 16:43 CMDR_Invertedcross [PS4] H: Trades. W: Specific trades.

Unyielding ap sent heavy raider: CP, LA, RA, RL

Vanguard ap sent sturdy metal LA OR Vanguard ap sent heavy metal RA
Overeaters Ap Sentinel heavy combat: all
Vanguard ap sent raider power armor: LA,RA, chest
Q/AA/V - 25ff50c/ap - 25less vats enclave plasma rifle with aligned automatic barrel and reflex sight
Q50c25 regular plasma gun
Q/AA - 25ff50c/ap - 25less vats alien blaster
QE25 tommy
QE15fr harpoon
The rest is a list of things I’ve got, there’s a few things that I’ve traded since I last updated it, but it should be mostly correct.
AriE25 fixer
AriE25 tommy
AriE FR handmade
Ari50c25 fixer
AssE50 handmade
AA25ffr90 laser
AA25ffr50 crossbow
AA25a15fr 50cal
AA50c15FR Flamer
AA50c25 hunting rifle
AA50c25 10mm sub
AAE15c Pipe Revolver
AAE15fr railway
AAE15fr 10mm sub
AAE25 10mm sub
AAE25 Gatling Gun
AAE ghost fixer
AA25ffr15fr combat rifle
AAE15fr DB shotgun
AAE25 DB shotgun
AAE25 Combat Shotgun
AAE25 Pump Action
AA50vhc25 handmade
AAE25 Handmade
AAE25 fixer
AAE15fr handmade
AAE90 Flamer
AAE250 pipe rifle
AAE15c Combat Shotgun
AAE25 lever action rifle
AA25ffr25 10mm Pistol
AA25a15c Gatling Gun
AA50c25 Fixer
AA50c25 combat shotgun
AA25ffr15fr Pepper Shaker
AA50c25 plasma gun
Ber50c25 Combat Shotgun
Ber50L25 Flamer
Ber25ffr FMSWA handmade
BerE25 SA revolver
B50c25 Tommy
BE handmade
B25ffr FMSWA Tommy
B50c25 Gauss rifle
B25ffr25 combat shotgun
B50c15c combat shotgun
B50c25 combat shotgun
B50vhc25 Pump Shotgun
B50c15fr 10mm smg
B LS 250 harpoon
B50L250 50cal
B25a250 50cal
B25a25 Gatling Gun
B25ffr25 AGL
B25ffr25 BPR
B50vhc250 Bow
B50L25 C Bow
B50vhc15fr hunting rifle
B50vhc15fr DB shotgun
B50vhc25 DB shotgun
BE25 DB shotgun
BE25 Combat Shotgun
BE25 Pump Shotgun
BE+P Pipe Revolver
B50c15c radium
BE FMSWA 10mm sub
B25a250 Western Revolver
B50vhc15fr Western Revolver
B50vhc25 .44 Revolver
B50c25 handmade
B25ffr25 uc laser
B50vhc15c Tesla
DE FMSWA Pump Action
DE15fr Combat Shotgun
DE+P DB shotgun
EE25 10mm pistol
EE15FR 50cal
EE15c combat shotgun
EE15c DB shotgun
E25ffr15fr LMG
E50c25 handmade
EE25 Combat Shotgun
EE25 Pump shotgun
EE25 DB shotgun
EE15FR DB shotgun
EE25 Western Revolver
EE25ffr15fr .44 revolver
EE25 Assault Rifle
Fancy pump action
F25ffr15fr Fixer
F25ffr25 handmade
F25ffr15fr Tesla
FE15fr Combat Shotgun
FE25 Pump shotgun
FE25 DB shotgun
F50c25 combat shotgun
FE50 harpoon
IE25 Combat Shotgun
IE15fr Pump Action
IE15fr DB shotgun
IE laser
IE50 Tesla
IE15fr Harpoon
IE15fr Tommy
I25ffr25 fixer
JE handmade
JE25 Combat Shotgun
JE15fr Pump shotgun
JE25 Pump shotgun
JE15fr DB shotgun
J25ffr25 laser
JE50 uc laser
Medics 50c25 DB shotgun
Medics 50c25 alien blaster
N25ffr25 handmade
Q25a+A LMG
QE25 Combat Shotgun
Q50c25 DB shotgun
Q50c25 Pump shotgun
Q50c25 Handmade
QE90 Cryo
Qap15fr railway
Q50c25 Gamma Gun
QE25 10mm pistol
QE25 DB shotgun
QE25 Pump shotgun
QE15FR Tesla
Q50vch15c combat Shotgun
Q25a15fr Cryo
Q50vhc15fr Plasma
Q25ffr25 Pump Shotgun
QE+P ass head
Q50vhc15fr Gamma gun
QE combat rifle
QE hunting rifle
QE15c Western Revolver
Q25a25 radium
Q25a15fr .44 revolver
Q50vhc15fr Pepper Shaker
TSE25 fixer
TSE ghost fixer
TS50c90 Farman
TSE25 Tommy
TSE15fr Tommy
TS25ffr25 Tommy
TSE90 pipe revolver
TSE15fr DB shotgun
TSE25 combat Shotgun
TSE25 Pump shotgun
TSE25 Pump shotgun lvl15
TS50c15c M79 GL
TS25ffr15c AGL
TS25ffr15fr missile launcher
TS25ffr+p pepper shaker
TS25ffr25 assault rifle
V25ffr50 50cal
V25ffr25 fixer
V50c25 10mm pistol
VE250 10mm pistol
VE50 10mm pistol x2?
VE90 Flamer
VE25 50cal
V50b mini
VE25 Combat Shotgun
V50c25 Handmade
V50vhc25 enclave plasma flamer
VE25 Laser
VE15fr DB shotgun
VE15fr Pump shotgun
VE25 pump shotgun
VE250 DB shotgun
VE+P Tesla
V50c15c Missle Launcher
V25ffr15fr laser
V50c15c 10mm sub
V50vhc25 combat Shotgun
V50c25 combat Shotgun
AA ss+s assaultron blade
AA ss+a sledgehammer
AA40pa40less sheep staff
Bss90 bone hammer
BSS+s power fist
B40pa+s Bowie
B40pa90 combat knife
BSS+a cultist dagger
BSS+a golf club
BSS+a hatchet
BSS less block dmg sledgehammer
BSS 40less axe
BSS 40 less bear arm
VSS +s super sledge
VSS+s pickaxe
V40pa +s fire axe
I have a bunch of other melee but I’m too lazy to list it, if you’re looking for something specific just let me know
Urban Scout Mask
Forest Scout Mask
Traveling leather coat
Unyielding sent +P heavy combat RA
Unyielding cav AP sturdy combat LA
Unyielding cav RR heavy combat chest
Unyielding sent +L sturdy raider RL
Unyielding JWR +PR heavy leather RA
Unyielding sneak +E heavy metal LA
Unyielding sneak+Int heavy leather RL
Unyielding sneak+s sturdy leather LA
Unyielding sent +RR leather RL
Unyielding sent +RR sturdy leather RA
Unyielding sent +PR heavy metal LA
Unyielding sent +PR heavy metal RA
Unyielding sent +s heavy metal LL
Unyielding sneak +PR heavy metal RL
Unyielding WWR +PR heavy metal LA
Unyielding FDC+L heavy metal RL
Unyielding JWR +A metal RL
Unyielding FDC +a FSA LA
Unyielding sent +PR wood LA
Unyielding sent +C wood RL
Unyielding sneak +E wood RL
Unyielding sneak +RR FSA LA
Unyielding sneak +PR FSA LL
Unyielding cav +Int sturdy combat RA
Unyielding cav EDR sturdy metal LA
Unyielding cav ap heavy metal RL
Unyielding Limb dmg AP trapper LA
Vanguard sent +P leather RA
Vanguard sent +PR heavy metal chest
Vanguard sneak ap heavy metal RL
Vanguard sent +RR heavy metal LL
Vanguard sent +E sturdy metal LA
Vanguard sent +L sturdy metal RA
Vanguard block dmg AP heavy combat LA
Vanguard sent +L heavy raider LL
Vanguard sent +S heavy raider LA
Vanguard sent +E heavy raider RA
Vanguard sneak +P heavy raider RL
Vanguard sent ap sturdy leather RL
Vanguard sneak ap heavy leather RL
Vanguard sneak ap leather LA
Van ap sneak metal LA
Vanguard sneak ap heavy combat RL
Vanguard sneak +P heavy combat CP
Vanguard sneak EDR heavy raider RA
Vanguard fall dmg +PR heavy metal RL
Vanguard block dmg AP heavy leather LA
Vanguard WWR +RR raider LL lvl15
Vanguard AWR AP leather chest
Vanguard sent +c trapper LL
Vanguard cav +e trapper RA
Vanguard cav+P heavy combat LA
Vanguard cav+L heavy combat chest
Vanguard cav ap heavy metal chest
Vanguard cav +PR sturdy leather RA
Vanguard cav +a FSA RL
Vanguard sent +P USA LA
I just listed unyielding and vanguard but I have a ton of armor in other prefixes, just let me know if you’re looking for something specific
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2021.09.19 16:43 essaycode Assignment #4 CS 3357a……solved

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