My code, I accepte everyone

2021.09.19 15:30 Feeling-Garlic-5181 My code, I accepte everyone

0145 8537 1005
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2021.09.19 15:30 sepientr34 show how capitalist try destroy the left

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2021.09.19 15:30 fazbearbw Took this picture last night at Halloween Horror Nights and thought I’d be a cool album cover.

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2021.09.19 15:30 JustAWEman Advice wanted: Truenas upgrade path with Seagate EXOS X12 drives

I'm looking for some advice on my truenas upgrade path. I'm running out of space on my 24TB Z2 pool and am looking to expand to at least 70TB of usable space. I use my truenas box as a multipurpose machine; SMB share, Plex server, offsite backup for family and running a few VMs + jails. The machine is on 24/7 in my home office.
The data stored on the system falls into 4 categories; 1. personal data. Important for sentimental reasons, want to avoid data loss. snapshots of this are back-upped offsite. 2. application data. For example hosted apps that run on the VMs. not currently included in offsite backups. 3. offsite backups of other truenas systems. Important, but the risk of data loss is mitigated while the original system it came from is still available. 4. media collection. would like to avoid data loss but if it happens I won't lose sleep over it.
I have an option to purchase a number of (let's say 10) used Seagate EXOS X12 (ST12000NM0007) drives at a good price, still in warranty for 2 years from a reputable source. I've done some research on these drives and find mixed experiences.
My Concerns: - Reliability. Backblaze lists these drives as having an usually high failure rate. Would a Z2/Z3 pool + offsite backups negate the risk of data loss of my personal data? How likely is it that multiple drives would go at once? - Compatibility. I use an LSI 9211 HBA to pass on the drives to truenas. Some experiences listed problems with SMART data and truenas tossing them out of the pool. - Noise. The NAS is located in my home office, how audible would a pool with 8-10 of these drives be? My current setup uses WD Red drives, for comparison. - Replaceability. If these drives do start to go and prove to be no longer in stock, is it possible to replace them with other model (WD/HGST) drives of the same capacity?
Is anyone using these drives? What are your thoughts/experiences.
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2021.09.19 15:30 fleddersauce Help! I dual boot ubuntu and windows 10 on my hp laptop and it gives me this error even though I have wifi

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2021.09.19 15:30 Vegetable_Variety_11 *Ripppppppppppp

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2021.09.19 15:30 petrifieddonkey Food Truck Generator issues

I am a food truck owner with a Duromax XP12000 generator, but to be honest I lack knowledge in the generator department and that is why I am asking the great people of this subreddit. My generator is installed in a side compartment of my truck. The issue I am having is that the exhaust is not facing outwards but is facing one of the interior walls of the compartment. While I was driving yesterday probably about 30 minutes the generator just shut itself off and I could hear a hissing noise coming from the generator. Once I got to the location I slid the generator out of its compartment, turned it back on and no issues occurred. Mind you the compartment has a door which was opened but this issue still occurred. Anyone else experience these issues and have a remedy? If this issue keeps happening I most likely will not be able to keep my food at the proper temps. TYIA for any solutions!
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2021.09.19 15:30 chalybeate A picture of Roxy I took last night

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2021.09.19 15:30 leinadeht Chaeyoung disguise

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2021.09.19 15:30 chongblyat Should I swap out Concealment Modification 1 for Steering Gears Modification 2?

Hi. As I've been playing Hipper, I've noticed something about her. She feels...sluggish. The Admiral Hipper-class heavy cruisers were one of the largest in World War 2, and it shows. Even with the B hull and Steering Gear Modification 1 equipped, her new rudder shift time of around 7.4 seconds still feels cumbersome compared to her predecessor Yorck. The problem is if I remove ConcealMod1 and replace it with SteeringGearMod2, her stealthy 11.5km balloons to a meh 12.7km but her rudder shift time drops from a equally meh 7.4 seconds to an agile 4.4 seconds. My playstyle may also have a hand in this. How I play in Hipper: 1.) Sail around an area with the most green team ships. 2.) Wait for something to either wander into or close to my range (17.7km). 3.) Throw them into a hailstrom of my shells. AP for aircraft carriers, broadside cruisers, and broadside battleships. HE for destroyers, angled battleships, and certain angled cruisers (Petropavlovsk, Ägir, other large cruisers, battlecruisers, certain heavy cruisers) 4.) Sail around 45 degrees away from the enemy, warily waiting for a response. If they do not fire within a few seconds, I continue pelting shells at them. If they DO respond with gunfire, I whirl around as quickly as possible to kite away or fire a broadside them again under more favorable conditions. 5.) Enemy target is either destroyed by team or me. Repeat the process.
While this may sound like I need SteeringGearMod2, I like to not be ambushed when I get aggressive. If "Detected!" pops up and my detection is normal, that means something has gone horribly, *horribly wrong or I've just spotted a destroyer which will soon be thoroughly grilled by my HE and if it has to come to it, torpedoes.
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2021.09.19 15:30 CuddlySadist If you could give Vex a different Ult, what do you think fits her?

While I love her current Ult , I can also understand how there are many people who expected something different. There have been speculation on Vex being a mage with slows and grounded skills to hinder mobile enemies so I can see how her Ult surprised people when it was first revealed.
If you could give her a different ult, while keeping her basic kit exactly the same, what do you think will fit her without making her too oppressively strong?
My personal idea was her Ult being a very large AOE spell that slows enemies within and deals damage over time. Think of Morgana's W but bigger and slows the enemies within.
I think it's simple and yet effective ability that will make it easy for Vex to land her spells. It could also force the enemies to waste their dashes to escape the pool, only to get marked by Vex to deal extra damage and get her Fear back.
What's your idea?
(I'm not saying I want her Ult to be changed, only curious what ppl thought she might have instead)
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2021.09.19 15:30 Sevillista83 Win 1 of 2 Oculus Quest 2 VR Headsets with Virtuworx (10/26/2021) {WW}

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2021.09.19 15:30 Agencyshift How to invest fixed income in today's market?

I'm presently considering setting up an income portfolio, and a large part of it naturally would consist of fixed income products given my risk profile.
However with such low interest rates, my assumption is that the rates are guaranteed to go up, and thus drive the bond prices down.
If that's the case, are strategies like rolling down the yield curve meaningless? Would my best bet to simply purchase the products with maturity dates that matches mine and hold it until maturity?
What other strategies might work?
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2021.09.19 15:30 Horse_Lover_13 Is there anyway to get Bitizen for free?

I know there probably isn’t but I just thought I would check.
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2021.09.19 15:30 scaphoids1 I'm interested in renovating our 70s bungalow to make it the house of our dreams. I'm talking $50k + doing the whole house, but we have a living room that is lowered by two steps so I don't know how open concept would work
This is a drawing out our house, the kitchen is cramped and dark and completely closed off from the rest of the house. I want to demo the whole thing and flip it to the back wall (left side of the photo) BUT the red square marks the living room that is lowered down by two steps. I have no idea how open concept could be possible with the whole living room being lowered? or if there is a better alternative? Has anyone seen this done before?
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2021.09.19 15:30 gh959489 Kick Candida For Good with Castor Oil -- With Dr. Marisol ND & Christa Orecchio

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2021.09.19 15:30 wbmet Risk playing swift on Monday ?

Risk swift or go w Kareem today. I have no players playing Monday otherwise.
View Poll
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2021.09.19 15:30 swarthout21 [WTT] STEINHART OCEAN 39 BLACK (CA)

SEND IT SUNDAY GENTS. Looking to trade my Brand new in box, never worn, Steinhart Ocean 39 Black for your Eotech EXPS3-0 plus some cash on my end depending on condition of the EXPS3-0. Will entertain other offers as well. Let me know gents and appreciate ya time. Cheers 🍻
TV: $490
Gucci Watch Pics:
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2021.09.19 15:30 Prior_Distribution98 Ulta employee

So I’ve been at ulta for about an month or a little over a month. My manager gave me a great first impression. I mean don’t they all lol. Well she’s starting to show her true colors and every shift I have with her I get nothing but attitude and passive aggression. She has her favorites and you can clearly tell who they are. The attitude I get from her is from her own frustration since we almost never hit our goal in anything. I understand but again there’s no need to take aggression out on an employee. She makes smart remarks to and just makes you feel like a child instead of an employee. She also has a little coke problem too. A coworker of mine saw her paraphernalia and expressed concern. The manager tends to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom here and there during shift. I really dislike this manager honestly I’ve worked in food and had better managers then her. Do you think I should report her to hr? Thank you!
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2021.09.19 15:30 JJDepps170 I broke my collarbone and i think it will look stupid

I’m 16 and I broke my collarbone September 10th in a football game. I was told the fracture would take about 6 weeks and then all the other stuff in between they said i probably can return to normal activity until 3 months later. I honestly am devastated by this because i lost my season and a bit of my wrestling season. But i’m mostly scared about what it will look like when it’s healed. I feel like i will be self conscious of the bump or whatever forms in my shoulder. I plan to be heavily working out and i don’t know what will get effected either. Any advice or Encouragement would be great.
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2021.09.19 15:30 cloctor AUKUS可望成印太版北约核心

Le président français, Emmanuel Macron, s'entretient avec le président américain, Joe Biden, avant une réunion de l'Otan au siège de l'organisation, à Bruxelles (Belgique), le 14 juin 2021. © BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP

根据近日陆续浮上台面的“新闻幕后”,AUKUS的成形过程宛如英国谍报小说大师约翰.勒卡雷(John Le Carré)笔下故事。
英国《泰晤士报》18日引述国防和国安圈消息人士报导,澳洲至少早在今年3月就秘密部署要转而与英、美合作。当英国首席海务大臣、海军参谋长拉达金(Tony Radakin)应邀与澳洲海军司令努南(Michael Noonan)会晤时,他没料到对方会探问,英、美是否能协助澳洲打造核动力潜舰。
拉达金返回英国后,即刻向时任国防部常务次长勒夫格洛弗(Stephen Lovegrove)报告此事。首相办公室随即展开代号“无钩”的秘密行动(Operation Hookless),全英国只有10个人知道相关细节,包括首相、外交和国防大臣,以及很快就被任命为国安顾问、因此更能“放手办事”的勒夫格洛弗。
此外,英国政府3月发布国防与外交政策总检视报告,当中倡议英国“向印太地区倾斜”;这份报告的幕后灵魂人物、首相约翰逊(Boris Johnson)的外交政策顾问比尤(John Bew)也是“10人小组”成员。
根据报导,澳洲先与英国接触后,英国才向美国洽谈。 由于事涉核子技术和原料分享等敏感议题,美方花了不少时间层层协调不同单位,但若无法尽早定案,澳洲向法国支付的赔偿金额将直线上升。
关注英国海军的独立新闻网站“海军瞭望”(Navy Lookout)分析,相较于与法国的合作案或直接向英美购买既有潜舰产品,对澳洲来说,透过AUKUS打造核动力潜舰其实成本和难度更高,特别是1998年即立法禁用核能的澳洲缺乏民用核子工业基础及人才。不过,这却也是澳洲提升相关技术实力、打造符合自身需求的尖端产品的好机会。
另一方面,英国海军也正着手打造新一代核动力猎杀潜舰(hunter-killer submarine),预计在2050年以前投入部署,替代原来的7艘、目前仍持续交付的“机敏级”(Astute class)核潜舰。
部分评论指出,澳洲透过AUKUS机制打造的核动力潜舰在设计上很有可能比照美国的“维吉尼亚级”(Virginia class),或者英国的“机敏级”潜舰。不过,“海军瞭望”分析,有鉴于英国正在发展新一代猎杀潜舰,透过英、澳合作设计,未来澳洲史上首批核动力潜舰的性能可望超越英国“机敏级”,确保AUKUS持续因应印太区域安全挑战的实力。

RFI 18/09/2021
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2021.09.19 15:30 DisneyDilemmaBot How to Answer Where Do Babies Come From

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2021.09.19 15:30 ATSDev [XBOX] [H] 100k Credits [W] 425

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2021.09.19 15:30 DashingWaves20 Eren x Mikasa Fanart by 蒼夜姬

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2021.09.19 15:30 honeyhiromi Hey there Jett mains! I'd like to share with you my Jett cosplay <3 and GL with u games!

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