Anybody else with a sore throat, but negative for Covid and strep???

2021.09.19 15:55 GoobyWooby19 Anybody else with a sore throat, but negative for Covid and strep???

Any other students dealing with a sickness like mine? Virtually no other symptoms, only one side of my throat is inflamed/hurting, and it’s only getting worse by the day. This stuff freaks me out (and I’d like my throat not to hurt) so if anybody has suggestions on what this is I’d be happy to know!
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2021.09.19 15:55 ManFromAnotherPlace Quién es Carlos Lesmes y por qué no ha dimitido como presidente del Poder Judicial

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2021.09.19 15:55 TrashKitten__ Need Advice!!

Hello everyone! I’m officially on month two of not being able to receive my medication (240 mg x2 a day), and I’m wondering if anyone knows of an assistance program? (I’m in the U.S., but I can provide which state I am in if necessary.) I had this issue last year, but was able to solve it with an advocate. Randomly in the beginning of August, before my Tec prescription was up, my insurance gave us the runaround and denied it over and over, then denied me for the generic. My neurologists head nurse has done all that she can do on top of being unimaginably busy, and my healthcare advocate isn’t calling me back currently(about a week since I received a call back), but she had told me her hands were tied the last time we talked. I’m unsure of what to do, I am on my second complimentary dose from Biogen and was told the third is not guaranteed & would be my last one. I just want to feel some semblance of normalcy again, this brain fog & my balance issues have come back full force x10000 and I’m miserable ;-; Please help!!!
~Thank you in advance~
(Just to add; I’m also not able to switch without it being almost as big of a financial burden as the medication costs, as I would have to pay out of pocket for my every 3 months MRI’s for a bit. They also told us generic would only be covered by insurance up to $40 and we’d have to take care of the rest?? Im not sure what that was about, honestly, nor if I’m even approved again for generic. The last time I spoke to the specialty pharmacy, they had denied both Tec and the generic for some reason. I’ve heard Vumerity is essentially Tecfidera, but I’m unsure if; -I’d be approved -If my neuro would want to start back up with the every 3 months MRI’s - If that’s true???? I’m only 23, diagnosed at 19, and Tecfidera is the only medication I’ve been on. It successfully made me stable, and diminished several symptoms (although most still lingered or showed up occasionally of course) so I would absolutely hate to make things worse for me in the long run ;-;)
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2021.09.19 15:55 Freedoomsy 4k Walking Praia das Bicas Beach🏖️ Portugal Beach Summer 2021

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2021.09.19 15:55 Watermelongurl0224 WFL QUICK

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2021.09.19 15:55 ArthasVie [FOR HIRE] OPEN COMMISSION!

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2021.09.19 15:55 afieldofdaffodils51 Poem VIII

Title: Footnotes on a poem by a Bhakti Saint
// If the rains should arrive, shed your body, and walk into the echo of the music coming from the flute against which his lips are pressed. //
The universe begins with his flute and ends in the ruins of his dance. Death is just another prayer shrinking back to the cosmic egg, and then exploding again. He, whose name means dark, He, whose name is sweet honey, he, who lifts the heft of unborn light, on his delicate, dark shoulders. My mother told me when I was born that I was a fragment of a fish's dream and I see all my lives, past and future, drifting like headless octopi. I see my daughter, who is not yet born, autumn light soaking through her curls, and I find myself slipping into the spirals of dream inside dream outside dream... The temple bell counts another breath of his- a billion multiverse born from the exhale. Days are all bones over which the flimsy skin of Schrödinger's equation is thrown upon, the rips at places revealing what is not the dream. But time peels us open, revealing the sound we're all made of. We think there must be another shore, but we all return to the same sea, carrying the light as thin as our existence.
Feedback links:
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2021.09.19 15:55 PresaMayo What is that emo song that xqc listens to a lot?

Idk if its exactly emo, it kinda goes hard
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2021.09.19 15:55 VerbotenPublish A moral foundation takes no particular form beyond a desire to do good in this world.

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2021.09.19 15:55 themythicaldrpepper DHL forcing me to give them my SSN? Importer Number?

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2021.09.19 15:55 hidininthetrees grass.

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2021.09.19 15:55 s3zle Why did you get reddit?

I got reddit in 2019 because of those shitty text to speech reddit videos that were popular on YouTube back then. Once I got reddit I stopped watching those videos and now all but a handful are still posting. That's pretty sad.
(Also one of my memes made it into a clumsy video which was epic)
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2021.09.19 15:55 Dolph1994 looking for scholarship

GoodDay MANAGER: Im looking for Scholarship
Name:Mos-ab Abdulcader Age:24 Gender:Male Nationality: Filipino Language spoken:English/Tagalog Civil Status:married
Gadget to play Axie infinity: Mobile phone Internet: Mobile data and Wifi Dedicated Playing time: 6/8hours
Games that I played before: Mobile Legends Call Of Duty Cabal
Reason why should be hired: i need it to help my family in poverty. because I don’t have a job so I can’t provide for their needs. Sometimes we don't have anything to eat because we really don't have money, so I really won't miss this opportunity because I have no idea how I can give to my family because of this pandemic. I hope you help me and I begging you to be part of this scholarship and to be part of your team ..
Do you have experience playing axie: Yes I searched on youtube how to play axie and I immediately understood
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2021.09.19 15:55 rosalynnnn calories for strawberry and white chocolate crepes ? 2nd pic for size reference

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2021.09.19 15:55 FullTopMax Would it be possible to "weld" transparent plastic (acrylic?) flush with the shaped ABS fairing?

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2021.09.19 15:55 Chicagogospel My official guide to mechs

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2021.09.19 15:55 Public_Mushroom_5236 Endometriosis Injections before IVF

Hey guys, I need your advice but before I ask the question, here is a little back story:
I had a myomectomy about a year a go to remove fibroids, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Since the surgery, I've had pain on a off every month and every time the pain is bad and I have to use pain medication for upto 5 days. The gynecologist/fertility doctor thinks that it could be endometriosis and he suggested that I take the 1month injection for six months to shrink endometriosis if that's the cause before trying IVF.
Here's my dilemma: I read that the medicine in the injection (im not sure what kind it will be though) may cause a problem to the fetus which makes me concerned. I'm considering just going ahead and do the IVF then do the endometriosis treatment after, but I'm concerned that it might affect pregnancy if that's the cause of the pain?
What do you guys think? Part me feels as if the Dr. Just wants to make as much money off of me as possible while part of me wonders that he could be right.
I would really like to get a opinion from you guys. TIA.
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2021.09.19 15:55 imagepoem The cringey dork who leads the Republican Party sent a letter to Georgia last week, begging them to overturn the 2020 election.

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2021.09.19 15:55 funusernameinnit पुण्यतिथि : विष्णु खरे

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2021.09.19 15:55 Cornczech66 It rains so little in the desert that even my garden tries to prolong the joy.

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2021.09.19 15:55 PoppaTater1 Snark man?

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2021.09.19 15:55 old-uiuc-pictures The Savoy 16 Theater will again offer live Metropolitan Opera performances. I know not many will be interested but this is a big deal. The theater shutdown. Was bought by a new company. Got a liquor license. Remodeled some. And now reopened showing first releases and at times live Opera.

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2021.09.19 15:55 Ancient_Disaster3508 כנסו חינם מטורף

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2021.09.19 15:55 waffleninja Jinny explains UK History

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2021.09.19 15:55 Cyper1596 why i only having bad dreams lately?

well here i am at 6 am not wanting to attempt going back to sleep after 2 nightmares this night so i figured ill go on reddit lol. my dreams are extremely vivid but also super random so its hard to find whats causing them, but this night i actually woke up yelling "help" (actually came out as gibberish but in my head it was "help") because it put me into such a panic. usually its more of a shock that wakes me up but sometimes ill wake up in a complete panic like this last time. why are they becoming so frequent?
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