Is this true and the possible cause of my transmission problem clogged filter?

2021.09.19 17:03 BlackCustoms Is this true and the possible cause of my transmission problem clogged filter?

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2021.09.19 17:03 natetrnr Rhus glabra, in anticipation of autumn

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2021.09.19 17:03 SnuggleMonster15 2017 Toyota Camry odometer lights always stay on.

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2021.09.19 17:03 heather_catlady Big Cat Twitching And Purring

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2021.09.19 17:03 Xmodsguy2000 My two builds for the day

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2021.09.19 17:03 TrollProofOne Rural drivers: Do we make less?

Rural drivers, how much are you making per hour (before expenses), during supper and/or lunch rush. I'm making between $14-$22 and hour depending on if it's raining. Raining is much higher money.
Due to the high distances away and the fact that i can't get any orders until I get back to ear where the restaurants are I'm making about 1.25 deliveries per hour. You?
It seems from here that urban drivers are making more than that
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2021.09.19 17:03 FullonRetardo So many retards arguing about Computershare.

Look guys. A quick fucking google will tell you Computershare is as legit as it gets for purchasing a stock under your name. you don't even need to do much analysis to at least confirm that point. That point is not even arguable. I'm a lazy kunt. I may or may not do it.
Are some of the drawbacks real? like possibly not being able to sell as quickly as with a normal broker? Maybe, maybe not. Not the issue here. The point is if others are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to transfer some of their shares to CS to "take one for the team" or be ready to even leave it there in perpetuity, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS ATTACKING THEM FOR YOU BUNCH OF RETARDS. If you don't want to, then don't fucking do it. But to attack them for wanting to help? Are you guys too free?
Every post I see recommending it does not ask you to transfer all your shares over, but some or what you're willing to. if you don't want to, just keep your fking comments to yourself instead of saying its FUD.
It's like going to war and you have people volunteering to go on the scouting party which will definitely help the war effort. But you have a bunch of fucking retards standing at the back just shouting "I DONT WANT TO GO ITS SO DANGEROUS I MIGHT DIE, YOU WILL ALL DIE" when literally noone is forcing or even asking them to. yet you still need to put those who are willing to down. You really are the worst kind of people. What they are doing is helping you too. These are the kind of people in a Groupchat when someone asks a question if anyone wants to go out for supper and that one person just replies and starts ranting about how supper is unhealthy and what not. like nobody fucking cares. don't go for supper if you don't want to. Let others go for supper. You didn't have to say no. you literally could just not reply.
For others that don't know what to do, just do some quick research man.. it will tell you all you need to know if what others are saying is true or not. It's not that hard.
For those that are doing it thanks.
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2021.09.19 17:03 HeNotLikeBanana What is that?? Minecraft Enderman Action Figure

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2021.09.19 17:03 Happy_Concentrate_34 Word for forcing to believe?

I can’t remember the damn word! I know the definition was something like: forcing a large group of people to believe in something without explanation or detail.
I look it up but I keep getting coercion, credulous or proselytize. It was more of an “ism” word.
I had an experience recently where this word describes it perfectly.
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2021.09.19 17:03 Educational_Ad_6353 My friend showed me a statistic, but does it scare you to date a girl that is more successful than you?

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2021.09.19 17:03 SpendEnvironmental20 ✅$BLDR - BNBuilder | Let's Build Together! | BNB Rewards |Weekly AMA | NFT Mini game | Great Chart!! 🚀 | Low Marketcap!! 🚀| Breaking ATH Everyday!! 🚀

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🧐 Do you want to "BNBuild" a Passive Income?
💲 10% BNB Rewards of every transaction, distributed to the holders every 60 minutes.
💲 5% of every transaction into Liquidity Pool.
🧐 Why BNBuilder is different?
💰 Adoption of BNB rewards
🔐 Anti-Dump Lock, sells are limited to 0,1% (1,000,000 tokens)
🎁 10% Giveaway Wallet because we love to give. We will use this wallet to do many GiveAways and built an active and dedicated community. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards)
✅ 10% Marketing & development wallet to fuel our ambitious project to do do major marketing campaigns and develop future options. (No tokens will be sold we will only use rewards)
⏲ 50% FUTURE PLAN WALLET (Will only be used for growth plans such as CEX listings, token burns, gamification etc.)
💚 Dedicated Team!
⚙️ Actual Use Case!
Offical links:
💲Contract Address: 0xba2dd66878cd7be2322ba310875e274126733678
💲 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED 1 YEAR 💎💎💎
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2021.09.19 17:03 k-faust Lighting your torches.

Guys I broke my hand and had surgery. I have been missing out on lighting torches, but I promise I'll be back soon. submitted by k-faust to MySingingMonsters [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 17:03 Snivy200 I miss the victory quotes...

Which is, surprensingly, the thing I was expecting to miss the least. Multiplayer and the Skits seemed more of a big deal to me but I can live with the first if it returns at some point and I got used to the Skits pretty quickly.
However, I find the substitute for the victory quotes to be underwhelming.
Just wanted to get it out of my chest.
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2021.09.19 17:03 YouPlantTube Niko Bellic deals with Roman Bellic being an annoying dick

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2021.09.19 17:03 jamiedew74 Start getting your Pavement cover songs together.

Meeting Malkmus - Pod-List 2
Coming soon...
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2021.09.19 17:03 Cultural_Ad9577 Does this sound like I’m slightly autistic?

I’m m22 and I’ve been wondering if I may be slightly autistic. For the past 2-3 years, I’ve noticed that I have very poor social skills. When I’m with someone I know, I can talk to them and others just fine, but if I’m by myself interacting with someone I don’t know, i can’t hold a conversation to save my life. I WANT to say something but I literally just don’t know how. I’ve noticed eye contact is very hard for me, especially when it comes to strangers or superiors. I’m the type to know a lot about a specific scientific topic like tardigrades or an MCU character and I go through cycles where I’ll be hyper interested in just avatar the last airbender content, Star Wars, Harry Potter, MCU, or DC for 3 months each and repeat. All of this is no problem for me other than the social aspect, I really like people but I just suck at interacting with them. I’m also going into a discipline that requires a lot of social skills and networking (astrophysics) so I’m worried that if I am autistic, will this make my career suffer? Does any of this sound autistic? Any comments are very much appreciated ❤️
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2021.09.19 17:03 ISTWE2049 Terra 5 #8

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2021.09.19 17:03 ImbajoeCFC My take on the Super Mario games , there can be only those 3 at S for me I guess some of the others could be shuffled around maybe but those are the pinnacle if you ask me (which no one did ) 😉 😀

My take on the Super Mario games , there can be only those 3 at S for me I guess some of the others could be shuffled around maybe but those are the pinnacle if you ask me (which no one did ) 😉 😀 submitted by ImbajoeCFC to Mario [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 17:03 49weebspam ethnicity is bullshit

if i'm not from the country you try to associate me with, then i won't label myself as that country. why?
cus i'm not even from there
listen, you can babble on about ethnicity and ancestry, biology all you want but the thing is... i don't care but it's actually bullshit though because even though i have african parents, it shoudn't make me part of a country i was never born in, or at least one i've never been to and don't want to go to.
point is if im not from the country you accosiate me with, then calling me xyzman-yxzian is stupid, end of
i don't get how gender is socially consructed but this apparently isn't.
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2021.09.19 17:03 akunosama1 What is your favorite fictional sibling duo?

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2021.09.19 17:03 RoyKoopa4 The new blueprint event is so bad

I’ve done six or seven contraband contracts and only one of them has been a blueprint I don’t already own I have never bought a store bundle besides free ones and keeps giving me bundles I own is this happening to everyone because this is stupid
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2021.09.19 17:03 PeskyBird372 How to put on 5kg in 40 days without getting fat

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2021.09.19 17:03 AardvarkDeep Broken crankcase valve hose

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2021.09.19 17:03 chairbornebg Предстоящи международни събития за 20 септември (Агенция "Фокус")

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2021.09.19 17:03 Electronic-Pension96 Sie zeigt wieder ihre Füße

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