My former employers lost their client (and business) because of me

2021.09.19 15:31 jasper4505 My former employers lost their client (and business) because of me

A few years back in 2018 I had decided to switch employers. I worked from home as a chat support specialist and eventually a supervisor for a major tech company. I had decided to switch to a small time customer support agency that was just starting a new chat team. They had better pay and benefits, because they only had a small number of employees compared to the former.
The description of the position I was to be hired for was another salary based supervisory role for their brand new chat team for the client. I'd basically be doing the same things as my previous job, but also spearheading this small department, while simultaneously training other co-workers with zero experience in chat support. This was going extremely well and our client was ecstatic at the results of the new chat program. They had personally sent me an email over my progress. The company I left was, and still is, known world wide to have the friendliest and professional customer support out of any other company. And so it was easy to apply what I learned to this new position.
After about two months of doing this the person I directly reported to, the regional supervisor, was retiring. Our new regional came in, and was friendly at first, but decided that he didn't want to waste his time on chat, and directed me to phone support. Which was not in my job description, nor what i was hired for by any means. He cited that the client was unhappy with the results, which was in stark contrast to what they had told me directly. Even after forwarding him the email, he was still not doing anything about it.
So, I complied. It took just 2 days for the client to have reached out to me, personally. After explaining to them the situation, they were livid. My new regional had lied to me about his contact with the client, and had essentially ignored our clients attempt to contact him about this issue. I had continued to work in the supervisory role for phones until the first quality review of my employees came up. For team leads and direct call center employees both, this is where I review their interactions and grade them based off their strengths and weaknesses.
Our regional wanted me to even include the chat support team who were neither hired or trained for phones. He refused to give them training. On every single employee who was hired for chat support, i had filed all of them as unable to be completed, and in my notations, I included that this is not the position they were hired or trained for and thus an analysis could not be accurately completed. And I sent this to both the regional manager, and our client as well, since at this point I had a direct contact email.
I was responded to the same day by whoever it is within our client who oversees all of outsourcing. The only words I got back were "We will deal with this." The client held a meeting the following week with my employers. I'm not sure what was said in that meeting, but word got back to everyone that the client had dropped us for breach of contract. Because this was a small office and our companies ONLY client for several years, this was bad.
After that, me and my team were offered a position with the company directly doing the things we were HIRED to do, but required us to move about 4 hours north, so unfortunately none of us decided to accept that offer. I collected unemployment until I found a new job. Now the company is out of business and is currently being sued by some other employees for unpaid wages. This new case has been going on since 2019.
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2021.09.19 15:31 Dtrinnie 🐶Mini Floki Bsc🐶 Stealth Launch 🐶Listed On PancakeSwap 🐶Liquidity lock

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We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...💸
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2021.09.19 15:31 chocho66 A nice Ferrari SF90 in Mayfair yesterday

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2021.09.19 15:31 Sandbuster18 Avior - Endless Light [Room 68]

Released: 2021-09-17
Avior - Endless Light
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2021.09.19 15:31 alcachoo Not my usual style but is quite a fun build

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2021.09.19 15:31 westin-1 Fort-Detrick no tiene nada que ver con el virus

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2021.09.19 15:31 aakstatic Warning: The joke may register as offensive to some of you. SWIPE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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2021.09.19 15:31 Milakoz Man I love how Rivers' Spotify description constantly change and now he's Lil Xan LMAO

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2021.09.19 15:31 Physical_Manu Chrissy Costanza

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2021.09.19 15:31 MmeOfMystery FE Handbook Question

How does the digital handbook handle? Is it like a PDF that a internal search function can be used with? Part of my studying is getting to know the handbook for the exam.
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2021.09.19 15:31 Educational_Term_436 Unpopular opinions

Tell me your opinions about titanfall now or something idk how these work I probably make a video idk I’m bored
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2021.09.19 15:31 TombProspector147 High paying/stable career for a young lad?

Hello I'm 20M from Hull and in need of some advice regarding my career. I have been a fisherman for a year but the current brexit situation has decimated the trawling and I wanted to get into a different job, what roles are high paying and how would I get started with it? As a sidenote I have 5 C's and above and am passing my driver's license soon.
Thankyou for reading.
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2021.09.19 15:31 YINGVAY Worst mistake ever, turned 14g into 4 brownies….

So I picked up a half to just have to smoke, I ended up making canabutter with the bud and made brownies yesterday, I have never taken edibles and wanted to get stupid messed up, so I ate a quarter of the pan, within the hour I was having a more intense trip than when I took acid…. AMA
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2021.09.19 15:31 Ok_Independence_1832 Autumns Bum

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2021.09.19 15:31 nolynskitchen KitKat Fudge!

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2021.09.19 15:31 tekinoz Not another apology ..sigh

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2021.09.19 15:31 Mak8080 😛 hello!!!!

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2021.09.19 15:31 AdamJones142 ONE PIECE454

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2021.09.19 15:31 Da_tyzer Adding 10 3775 1749 7418 and 6968 9631 7725

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2021.09.19 15:30 pgomav Quick 6k XP on Com Day

Add me via 0612 8687 5273 if you have lucky egg(s)
I’ll send you a gift, open, wait for confirmation and then delete me.
I can’t open any more gift today
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2021.09.19 15:30 marikakes WR Streaming Question!

Hi all!! I’ve started streaming WR using my iPhone 11 Pro and I first used the built in screen record option and broadcasted thru twitch’s app which actually worked nicely but I didn’t realize how much I actually muffle the speakers with my hands while I’m playing (loool). I also want to include overlays and personalization so I figured I should stream using my Mac as an alternative.
What program could I use that helps to easily capture both the screen of my phone and game audio, and not interfere with my mic audio?
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2021.09.19 15:30 prvlad Гы

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2021.09.19 15:30 Hydroairborne Extracting URLS from multiple files in a web directory

My background: GIS Newbie, looking to present my collected field images with a GIS database that shows photos from my own web space.
I have a close to 2000 pictures in a folder on my own domain that I need to link to a database. I need a table of the URLs from each individual picture that can be joined to another attribute table.
Is there a way to automatically populate a column in a spreadsheet with the urls of each picture in one column and file name in seperate column, so I can join that column to a table that has all my photo attributes. I'll then use my map database to retrieve the pictures in the GIS APP I have been working on.
My only solution so far is by hand which is a crippling amount of cut copy paste.
I am not that skilled in HTML, CSS, etc. ive managed to make some rudimentry web pages and fogure out ftp transfer. I do have an Arc GIS license but am trying to solve it without using anything I will need a perpetual license for my domain is a simple setup on ipage.
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2021.09.19 15:30 38Opps UK Rapper Digga D sampled Make No Sense

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2021.09.19 15:30 Important_Ad4231 Is this how you create a basic subliminal?

Record your affirmations, then play back the audio on low volume so you can barely hear it. I dont see how this is NOT a subliminal. The only difference is, it's not fancy with music and playback speed is not adjusted.
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